weird problem with blender

(nemesis) #1

ok, I have this model of some sunglasses, and for some reason, they never show up in my render (yes I do have some lights). And also, when I set the drawtype to the best one (with the textures), the model is pink/purple. Even though the material is a different color. Does anyone know what’s the problem? I imported this model from milkshape 3d, but exporting it in vrml from there and then opening it in blender.

(harkyman) #2

Try using one of the shaded modes when you’re modelling. It is possible that vertices and edges were imported but no faces. Hit Z in one of the modelling windows - if you’re sunglasses disappear, then that is your problem.

(wavk) #3

Good idea, changing your nick:) This looks a bit more friendly. The best draw mode you’re talking about is called potato mode. This mode is only usefull for uv-texturing, for instance when making a game. When there are no uv-textures applied to an object, it turns purple, so this is not an error.

About the rendering problem, that could be a lot of things… check camera, lights, alpha settings of the material, normals, maybe the lights are set to layer, so only objects from that layer are lit…

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(nemesis) #4

when I go in wireframe mode, the part that goes over your ears dissapear, but not the lenses. Is this what you mean? How do I fix it?

(nemesis) #5