weird python thing

(woiak) #1

about three months ago I Installed linux on my computer (its great)
however i just got around to installing blender the other day. I’ve been playing with python in linux, and thats when i remembered it was suported in i got the blender2.0 manual off the shelf and started reading the python section.

to make a long story short I couldn’t get the example code to work:

import Blender

if(obj.LocZ <0.0): obj.LocZ = 0.0

I followed the other directions step by step to link the script to my object. however it didn’t work. I checked the capitalization etc. I thought maybe there was a problem with python however i tride several scripts that i downloaded (head creater, torus suit) and the both worked perfictly.

I’m currently using blender2.23 and python2.21

(eeshlo) #2

What do you mean by it didn’t work? Do you get any errors? You have changed the scriptlink to ‘Redraw’ for that object?

(woiak) #3

no there were no errors returned and yes i set it to redraw

simply nothing happened

although i did notice an error on launching of blender it tells me
no such derectory: /dev/

however blender runs fine

thanks for the quik response