weird rendered rig

hey everybody

I’ve got a little problem: I rigged a bird in blender (cycles), now when I press renderev view everything seems to work quite nicely, but if I actually render the scene a weird deformation of one wing appears. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Here’s the screenshot of the rendered view and the actual render:

Check if you’ve got any keyframes set for the wing, sometimes, the viewport can show what you’ve transformed it to, but the render will show what is keyframed.
If that doesn’t help, you can upload the .blend file and I’ll have a quick look
Cute bird btw :slight_smile:

I didn’t find any wrong keyframe…
here’s the blend-file it’d be amazing if you found out what’s wrong :slight_smile:
thanks for your help !

Aha :slight_smile: In your modifiers for the bird, you’ve got a mirror modifier disabled in the viewport, but still enabled in the final render, to disable it just unclick the little camera aswell :slight_smile:

thanks a lot ! how could I unsee that ? :smiley:
Btw do you have any hints to improve my really poor rigging and animating?

Easy thing to miss :slight_smile: Well when I first saw it I thought it was really well animated. I’m guessing this has been appended from another scene judging by the lack of keyframes within the scene limit? But no it all looked great from what I saw. Just I’m not sure how it’s happened, but when the bird lands it sort of slides across the ground slightly, I fixed it just by going to the graph editor and taking each of the location curves and scaling the section that he’s on the ground to 0 on the y-axis. But yeah other than that it looks great. Only tip I can really think of is just attention to detail, so like the tail flicking when he’s on the ground. Otherwise really good job :slight_smile:

yeah the sliding is because the bird lands on an object which is floating in the see, and I made the object rotate to the waves and I first just rotated the bird as well, but it looked pretty weird, so I gave it just a slight rotation and let it slide in the rotation direction. I think it looks a lot better :wink:

Ohhhh haha cool, good luck with it. :slight_smile: