Weird Shading error on model

Hey guys, does anyone know why these black spots appear on these grass models? It’s not the material, as they have the same spots without any material. They disappear, when I just tab into edit mode… it’s really weird :stuck_out_tongue:

to me it looks like the shadows from other grass. little bit hard to tell whats wrong. If it is not the material it should be the shadows. Or maybe check the normals of the geometry and that nothing intersects. Is the geometry set to smooth or flat? Do you maybe use displacement?

So the strong black areas are not supposed to be there. They are not shadows. The problem can be solved just by selecting the plant and going into edit mode. Once I tabbed into edit mode it looks fine:

A blend file might help others to diagnose the issue. I agree with Piet that maybe some normals are off. Might try going into edit mode and select all then hit " w " remove doubles then hitting Ctrl + n to recalculate normals. If that don’t work then there may be a setting that is off or on. Kind of hard to keep guessing rather than physically seeing the blend file to check that all settings are set right. Are you using cycles or blender internal?

Hi Yukon… can you check “double sided” in mesh data tab and see what happens?

You don’t use a Blender version older than 2.74, do you?

I’ve noticed this same thing with 2.79. I think it’s related to shadows ,but not 100% on that.

hopefully thats not eevee version of blender :wink:

Ok, guys, I can’t give you a blend, as I wanna sell that stuff later. As I mentioned, I already know how to solve it, I just don’t know why it happened… I’m using cycles and blender 2.79, no eevee. And there is no problem with the normals and as I already said, the problem fixes itself after going into edit mode automatically. All I would like to know is what might have caused that problem or if it is a bug. It has the same settings (material, modifiers, etc) than some other models which are just in a different group, that’s the only difference. You also can’t see this in solid or textured mode, just in rendered mode…

just in case you need things that work… good luck