Weird shadows in the mesh

Im a noob to blender. Im trying to do some modding with the mesh imported from a game. Found a curved surface which looked quite blocky. I used knife to cut through the mesh and adjusted the vertices myself to make it more curvy. But there is this wierd shadows that i have no idea how to deal with. Could somebody please help me out here?

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Check the normals aren’t flipped. Make sure there aren’t any duplicate verts or internal edges and faces. It can be helpful to temporarily hide some faces to take a look inside for these.

Is there any reason you are using 2.79 instead of 2.81?


First off, thank you so much for the reply.

Regarding the topic, no the normals aren’t flipped and there aren’t any duplicate verts, internal edges or faces.
No there isn’t any reason why im using blender 2.79. I’m back on blender after a long time and i’m gonna update it soon.

Maybe you could share the blend file so that people can take a look at that area?

Can you post a picture of the wireframe? I suspect you have odd geometry.