weird stuff going on in blender with dual moniters

I just finished getting my second moniter to work using the Big Screen technique for ati x1600,
I wanted to do this for using blender, except, now, when I run blender, I cannot use any of the menus. None of them respond. I can move the default block around, but I can;t even bring up the tool kit.

Any ideas?

the menus on the second monitor do not work, but do on the first. It’s an OpenGL driver issue, I am sure. I use nVidia. I end up using Blender on one screen and the console and redner window on the other, as well as widgets etc on second monitor.

The menues do not work on either monitor, But nexiuz works on both and Im pretty sure it uses open gl.

Now, The menus dont work even if I detatch the moniter and switch my resolution back.

Hello !
I sometimes use Blender on both screens and haven’t noticed anything wrong yet…
I use an ATI X1950 pro.
Does your card have 2 outputs or do you have to cheat somehow ?
What if you try with each monitor on seperate GC ?

What platforn are you on ?

I am running ubuntu gusty. And the thing is, the menus on the program don’t work at all. Even if I detach my 2nd monitor, which is hooked to a vga port on my laptop, and set my resolution back to normal. I don’t know if some command that I put in my xorg.conf could possibly effect blender. I really have no idea what could be going on.

I edited this line out of my xorg.conf

Option "EnablePrivateBackZ" "yes" #Enable 3d support <= May Not Work

and it works fine

Nice !
Well done.
I am thinking o switching to Ubuntu soon too myself and this trick might well be very usefull !