Weird stuff happening with Lattice

Hi, I am making a car grill and deforming it using the Lattice.

The Grill has a few modifiers applied to it. (Solidify, Lattice and Bevel)

I have a few problems with this:
First i want to mirror the grill, but when i do it the grill appears in the wrong position.

The mirror modifier is at the top, plus the mirrored grill not keeping its deformation, it’s flat.
Second, i apply all the modifiers so i can mirror it but this happens:

The same problem as before, mirrored grill not where it should be and does not retain the deformation.
Finally, when i delete the Lattice(After applying all the modifiers including Lattice modifier), the grill goes like this. :point_down: . no longer in the Vents.

Can anyone please explain me what’s happening.

Add the mirror modifier after all the others (lattice,bevel…) and in the mirror modifier change the mirror object to the car. Mirror will by default use the current object’s origin to mirror across, so you could move the grill origin to x=0.

Thanks for replying, by setting mirror object to car, it worked.

I get another problem using lattice, now i am creating the middle grill.

After adding the Lattice, when i press ctrl P > Lattice Deform, the mesh moves away from its position. :point_down: