Weird thing in UI

There is this weird thing between the panes in blender

I run Windows XP on a Dell with a Intel Celeron (i think) and an integrated graphics card (like intel extreme or something)

That’s a remnant of the splash logo…weird. Try adjusting your video card hardware acceleration settings if you can with that integrated chip. If not, go down and buy a cheap nvidia card. (not ATI).

k thanks, im just wondering though, the remnant looks blenderish but it doesnt seem to be from the splash… just a thought.

dschnell289 is right, this is from the splash . Try refreshing the view or to overlap a window on Blender’s.(I think you’r on Mac OS or Linux , according the window’s decor ?)

no its windows. his path name is set to my documents/…

on closer inspection it is indeed from the splash. It is kindof annoying but i can deal with it. I don’t know if it actually disappears after a while or if i just stop noticing it, because it hasnt really bothered me too much…
It is kindof a “bug” but an extremely minor one. Oh well, thanks for your help . :slight_smile:

OpenGL was not designed for precision box drawing like the Win32 API or X or whatever was designed for, so sometimes you’ll get an off-by-one error. What this means is simply that the code that fills in that space with black lines on most other systems is being interpreted differently by your OpenGL implementation.

I don’t know if there’s anything you can do to fix it. Such variances are permissible by OpenGL. In the mean time, just grab the left border of the rightmost area and drag it left until the window covers the splash problem, drop it, and then drag it back. Or press Ctrl Left Arrow then Ctrl Right Arrow. The problem won’t disappear, but you’ll have a less obnoxious color peeking out between the area panes.

Hope this helps.