Weird Transparent Texture Issue

I have a texture that was designed to have a spot on it to be transparent, to look like a hole. I finally managed to get the hole to be transparent, but now the rest of that texture appears grey. How can I fix this?

kinda difficult to tell without some pics, like of the texture and your settings.

Nevermind, I figured it out. It was just a stupid mistake. Now I’ve got a different problem, though. The part that has the hole texture is supposed to be part of a larger object, but they won’t connect to each other. You can see the edges of the planes where the transparent texture meets with the rest of the object.

Again, pics would be helpful;)
It sounds like either the texture isn’t properly seamless or the two objects aren’t actually joined (even if they are right next to each other there will still be a slight line if they’re seperate objects).

That’s the thing, though. They’re separate objects, but the seam problem didn’t start until AFTER I set up the proper transparency. It looked fine before. And joining the two objects together screws up the shading for the shadows, so I can’t do that.

BTW, IE’s being weird right now and won’t let me load pictures for a little while until I fix it, but the problems I’m having are with some of those ripped Twilight Princess models that’re being passed around. It’s the eyes, for anyone that knows what I’m talking about.