Weird UV Mapping issue...

Hey all, So what I’m trying to do is get my baked Normal Map on to my low res model but there’s this weird issue; my Rex only takes on parts of the texture, any texture in any influence it will only take on PARTS.

Here’s an image to help explain:

The entire model is unwrapped fine, but only the limbs will take the texture, not the body, tail or head… I just don’t understand this at all :S

I’ve tried so far re-unwrapping, swapping influences about, different textures, duplicating the model and re-unwrapping and nothing…

Anyone know how to get this sorted? I’d be happy to lend you the .blend to take a look (jus don’t steal my work! >.<) lol

Ok I’ve been working on this all day and I’m so puzzled, I really have no idea why the texture isn’t applying to these areas of the UV :S

If it helps, what I’d done earlier was cut the limbs from an older model, saved as .obj then imported to the latest Rex model and replaced the limbs with the cut .obj ones after joining the .obj limbs with the new model. I’d merged the vertices correctly, there’s no gaps or anything.

Do the arms have a different material to the rest of the body ?

The arms and legs are physically now part of the model, and no originally the limbs didn’t have any textures applied before the stitch :confused:

I’ll upload the model if you want to take a look? And the normal map too

Fixed it… Solution to this proble: Export model as .obj and untick ‘write materials’ in the export properties. I can’t believe this -_- I’m such an idiot…