Weird verticles and some dissapears.

I got this problem, started yesterday. And I dunno how to turn it off, it’s really weird.

See the picture, some of the verticles(?) are missing. And some got a cross thingy on them. If I move the model aroundabit, some of them comes back and some others get missing.

Check for internal faces and other non-manifold geometry, and delete it. It should be around (i.e. connected) to those vertices which are giving you trouble.

No. Thats not the problem. Cause if I change the view a littlebit the verticles comes back. It’s more like they are “hidden” by the black line.

Are there a way to reset blender to default viewsettings and such?

You seem to have two sets of faces both occupying the same space. When you move the view, or camera, you get Z-fighting; where the code can’t work out which face is closest and should be displayed. It may be only parts of faces but they are all on the same Plane. Grab a single vert in Edit mode and move it to see.


Hm. Can’t seem to find out of it. I’ll post a link to the .blender file:
Oh and the model got alot of complex wires, it’s only cause I’m using
an exporter for a game. And it needs to be like that.

Would anyone mind take a look?

Could it be I have “limit selection to visible (clipped with dept buffer)”?

All I can say is “WHOA” how did you get it so messed up, the model is full of edges on the inside. That’s what is messing it up so bad. I’m kinda interested in how it got that way in the first place.

Anyway, I cleaned up the mesh (I think I got out akk the the useless edges on the inside) and I also removed the triangles.

It’s supposed to be like that. Cause it’s for a game called Rigs of Rods, it’s supposed to be a supportive structure.
If it’s not like that, the model will just “fall together” in the game. Ever played bridge construction ? Then you know
how this game might work. Look at the pic.

So never mindt that, but the outter layer, will be made of faces, so I can skin it.

But was there 2x faces on the model?