Weird viewport artifact in cycles

Hi everyone! I ran into a weird viewport issue in cycles, I just can’t get rid of these artifacts in the rendered view. They are not in the solid view or material preview, nor in Eevee rendered view. The actual cycles render is also fine. I cleared the custom normal data too.

Anyone knows why? I attached the Blend file here.

question 1.blend (2.4 MB)

You have hidden objects in your outliner that only show in the final render. These hidden items seem to be overlapping with your wanted meshes. Press Alt H to show hidden objects, and move them or delete them as necessary

Thanks for the reply! yeah I tried, but that doesn’t seem to be the reason, also when I move the head around, these artifacts are still there.

You definitely have overlapping geometry… try switching into wireframe mode, go to Edit Mode, press Alt+H, and see if there’s faces hiding under the surface

yeah, i just tried that, there’s no hidden meshes in the scene…

I tried every trick in the book, nothing is fixing it. It’s corrupt mesh.

Time to use the Blender’s cure most. Copy all, open a new Blender, paste.

Copy and paste didn’t solve it, unfortunately… seems to be a cycles problem, because when I import the mesh to Substance and render it with Iray, most of the artifacts disappear, not 100% perfect though. Guess the mesh itself has problem too? Maybe I’ll have to rebuild it

Applying transformations fixes it for me. And your rendered result probably looks better because your subdivision modifier is applied there

Ahh thank you!! It does fix the issue, finally :-))