Welcome back dear winter----wipً

I think when you get into a detailed pose you should put his right hand on the chairs arm to give more feeling of weight, as if he’s steadying himself as he leans forward. Also fingers need be thicker.

I will try to fix the pose and fingers, thanks.

Some more updates>>>


Lookin’ good! Pose looks better. Could still use some work though…great work overall.

I might add a sleeping cat near the fire as well… what do u think?

That would be good. I think that would contribute a lot to the product. The question would be how good you could make it, but from what I’ve seen so far, there aren’t any doubts there! :slight_smile:

Another update:
I’ve found the room to be better with a “fisheye effect”, the only problem is the man and couch ( they look squished ). So I will render the room with a high FE effect, and render the man with a low effect ( composition is a real hero! )…

note: this is just a test render with no AO or correct lighting! no textures as well… and the scene is still empty.


Looking good! A nice warm scene. I’d look at the ears a bit, they are rather flat between the edge and center, could use some whorls and convolutions. The modified pose is good.
I also like the idea of a critter by the fire, how about a small dragon?

teelaklaatu, thanks for the comment :slight_smile: , a cat will do ( dragons need alote of work lol )…

Update: Here’s a test render, lighting is still not final and there are some missing textures…
So far so good I guess :confused:

By the way, how do negative lights work? what type of lamps is best for it, what color to use…etc, cause I tried to use them but nothing happened…doin somethin wrong here!


Top notch. Its really coming together. I suppose the fire has yet to be added with the way your light is setup?
This would make a great little annimation, maybe something to think about and work towards.

Sure, fire is on its way :slight_smile:

About animation, I wish I can, but my experience in it is soooo shallow ( never done any animations because I have no nurve to sit and work on um for too long! ). But who knows :slight_smile:

The bricks on the walls seem a tad bit harsh, maybe using an softer pale orange light on them might work?

Ohhhh! Beautiful progress! Love the lighting+materials!

Chimney is a bit strange…white up to a certain point and then grey; was that intentional? Looks a tad strange. Great work!

Thanks again for the notes guys :slight_smile:
Grape Ape, I will fix both the wall and floor ( floor texture looked too flat for my taste! )

Red Yoshi, true, it was intentional but I guess it’s a bit too distracting…gotta fix it :slight_smile:


I’d fix it so that all the mortar from the chimney is white. The gray doesn’t look good.

I’d fix it so that all the mortar from the chimney is white. The gray doesn’t look good.


update: Here’s a test render, the wool texture on the cloths looks good. Eyes are textured as well :eyebrowlift:


i’d just like to chime in that i’m liking the mood of the piece! when you texture the window, don’t forget that icey frosting that develops around the edges of glass!

Good point steeve :slight_smile:

update: I’m currently rendering all the layers, boring thing to do…
Stay tuned!

this’ll be cool. now I’d mention that the skin seems a bit too translucent–it really stands out on his hand–but at this point it could be down to stylistic choice more than anything. I really like the tone of the lighting, btw. It fits the scene perfectly.

Hey BlackBoe, actually I liked that over done SSS effect, it makes the guy more plastic-like which I want of course :slight_smile:

my computer is still rendering ( the final layer ), the full res is 3705x3066.

You can see the final image here:

Please give me your notes and crits :slight_smile: