"welcome o' seeker"

Well, I admit it here, that I am sort of fan of Ultima series, so that’s my main reason for doing this one.

So, the gypsy from the character creation of “Ultima 6”

Glow plug in Blender.

Bump maps are still bit off in example her lips got too rugged bumps and so on and so worth.
Minor texture tweaking needed here and there. Clothes need better texturing.

head shot without post pro:

and same one with glow plug

Eyebrows are static particles, hair is alphamapped. Eye lashes are individually placed extruded cubes.

So, if you got something to say, nows your change.

Nice. I like the ultima series as well. The eye lashs and brows are great. I think the glow on her face could be turned down a bit and the light in the background wall seems too bright too. If you made the wall backdrop darker it would put more focus on her. As it stands it looks more like an outdoor scene than a shop. If her shop is outside it would have more contrast between the light and the dark.
But don’t get me wrong this is looking good .

This is a bit of a tough crit, but keep in mind I’m just trying to be honest.

I find the lighting quite distateful. Unless there is a 10,000 watt lightbulb right in front of the gypsy, the lighting of this scene is terribly off. I think you need to consider what it is that is lighting this scene; a torch, the sun, etc etc… and then adjust the lighting accordingly. If you plan to use a generic lighting setup I highly recomend 3 point lighting as it will help you achieve a much more believable feeling. Depending on the level of realism your going for, all the textures need more detail, especially on the gypsy, since she seems to be the focus of the picture. I strongly recomend drawing your own color, bump, and spec maps in The Gimp or Photoshop. The left eybrow in incredibly unconvincing as it falls into an area of deep shadow, and if I’m seeing correctly, the hair. Eyes have a shiner, wetter look and the irises are quite off. You can find tons of reference images on the eye, and I recomend you hand draw a more realistic one. The lashes are way too hard and dark and dense, it would’t hurt to cut some of them out and shorten the legnth of the corner lashes. Remember, hair follows the same lighting rules as everything else. so the dark matt hair looks extremly out of place. The texture on the mouth is inconsistant to say the least, and nees considerable work. Speaking of the mouth, it bulges from the face way too much, giving the character a rather chimp like look. The eyes should be closer together and smaller, and the nose should be rounded out a bit. For a bit of added realism, I recomend putting a low level lamps inside the spheres of the eyes and making the eye fairly translucent.

If you really work on this image, it could become great. Keep up the good work.

Bloody gyppos.

Looks good, whats she selling?

Tginn, paradox: ligth setup is not final.

robdollar: knowledge about yourself :wink:

Thanks from the commnents guys. Apriciated it.