Welcome to my dream...

Okay, this is very strange but true. Now I don’t do drugs and I wasn’t drunk out of my mind or anything, and I had the strangest dream. In fact it woke me up laughing! There was a can-can line of vampires all linked arm in arm and they were doing the “hokie pokie” all in step. You know “You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you do the hokie pokie and shake it all about” Their eyes were blazing and their tongues were rolling. They were all dressed in black tuxedos with white shirts and with blood stains down the front. There was music and everything, spotlights and confetti raining down. The audience were all clapping in time to the tune. Now how is that for a strange dream? Sorry, I just had to write this down before I woke up completely and forgot it.

Cheers, pix

Now back to bed I suppose… .:spin:

I believe it is what is known as ‘The Twilight Saga’.

Nice! Good ideas come from dreams. I had a dream last month that had a girl singing this great song. I woke up and wrote down the lyrics and I recorded the melody before I forgot it.

Oh boy, just more details that I recall. They were all wearing boxing gloves. And the whole performance was in a giant boxing ring set center stage. A weird contrast to the wooden floor around it. And then there were the penguins, they were at stage right, and doing the doo waa backups for the tune while flapping their wings (?). I am not sure that I want to remember much more. It is just so strange…

Haha, penguins and vampires that’s a pretty weird combination. Maybe you can get Dr. Frasier to analyze your dream :rolleyes:

I don’t dream…

Oh boy, this keeps getting stranger. Somehow I went back there again tonight. Not only were the dancing vampires and the penguins as before but now on stage left there was a group of blonde headed girls with a lot of alpha applied. They were almost invisible. They had on red skirts and were blowing on their fingernails as though they were just painted. Lots of lipstick and make-up. I think that some of them were smoking cigarettes. They were not singing or any thing but they were twirling around in their high heels. Boy oh boy, now we go on to scene 2. Yippy!

Oh yey! Here come the pink Flamingos. They were all standing on one leg eating frogs or something. I will tell you that dreams can be strange!

Okay, I thought that this was going to go away. Yet it hasn’t yet. Now the rabbits are involved. They have their teeth sharpened and being cheered on by the vampires. They are not cute little bunnies in any respect. Their eyes glow, they foam at the mouth, and most of all they want to chew on you. They are very very fast and agile. Oh dear, as you run off trying to avoid them, all you can see is that big clock ticking in the background as the fog rolls in.

Uhm… Now is that a good dream or a bad dream? lol
Slowly it’s getting a little much of a combo^^

I dunno, penguins have always been pretty goth. :cool:


Sounds a lot like the new Alice in Wonderland movie.

No, now this gets even better…and in Technicolor I might add. The rabid rabbits got surrounded by a flock of seagulls. Now they are very large birds with hooked beaks (in case you have never met one). And they picked up all of the rabbits and flew high into the sky. Then they dropped them onto rocks where they were broken in to pieces. After that then vultures came down and had a feast. Oh boy, dreams can be fun! You can make them go anywhere you want!

How is it possible that you have the same dream over and over and each time have new additions?

None of my dreams come even close to being reruns no matter how weird they are, I think there’s even been a few related to shows or movies I don’t even watch:eek:

Ace Dragon: AFAIK, that’s not as rare as someone might think.
I had some recurring dreams with slight modifications as well. (I only remember, like, 5 dreams I ever had. 3 of them are nearly the same)

However, this series is pretty insane, lol…

You know, I really don’t understand it myself. It is sort of like the next dream is based on a previous one. The odd thing is that it seems that you can manipulate them to some degree. Now in a way this can become a bit of a challenge as your imagination is not as predictable as you may believe it to be. Go figure! Maybe it is all just a mind game that my mind is playing with me. :eek:

That is strange–but funny. I sometimes have dreams that I’m mad at my husband for some reason or another. I wake up feeling very mad and have to remind myself it was a dream, but once I was so mad I woke up and hit him. Poor guy!

@ pixelmass, you ever thought that you might be over blendering lol although it would make a really funny/trippy video.

i used to have a dream when i was at school

when my parents wasnt at home i used to go to my neighbours for school dinners.

a few years later i found in my dreams that that was being relived but now with a triceratops running up the street towards me, fortunately i always woke up before he hit.

i had this same dream about 150 times before it stopped.

I hear a lot of people about having recurring dreams of being chased by the same thing, and waking up right before it kills you. I’ve never had a dream like that, that I can remember.

My dreams tend to be like stories, where I trying to do something or go somewhere, but my dream constantly shifts and I go through 3 or 4 places in a typical dream. Also, I’m usually in a place that I’ve never seen before, or a heavily modified version of places that are in my everyday life. Also, proportions of things and buildings constantly fly out of whack, like, for example, I look at a street, turn around, and look back to find that it’s a 50 lane highway, when I saw a 2 lane suburban neighborhood street. It’s not really a mystical type of unpredictable, but more of an ironic type of unpredictable.

My nightmares usually involve zombie versions of people I know or disturbingly deformed people (though not nearly as much as when I was little… 3rd grade was a bad year for my dreams, lots of freaky stuff). My nightmares usually start towards the end of a somewhat normal dream. More recently, my nightmares have had more variety.
I once woke up when a 20 ft. bug looking robot was on the side of our house making an alarm sound that was so loud it hurt my ears in my dream (and I’m a speaker enthusiast, I like loud sounds). It was supposedly a very large nuke bomb on legs and it was ready to detonate but I woke up. I also remember one time when my sister was sitting in a dark room, on a dark night in a discreet place which looked like what would be a garden in the daytime, but the only light being the deep blue moon made a very cold creepy feeling. She was screaming for help even though she was sitting calmly on a seat in the empty room. When I went in the room it was close to pitch black but I could see it was at least 2000 ft. off the ground, like some sort of balcony. It was night and I could see city lights outside, then I turn around to ask her what the problem is and I see a white flash and a ghost flies at me at nearly 100 miles an hour, screaming very loudly. Then, I wake up.

In a normal dream, I meet a lot of people I know, and occasionally I see people I haven’t seen in years. I usually set off to go somewhere because I have to do something or want to do something that I know only in the back of my head usually. My dream evolves as I meet other people, sometimes people I have never met, and as I walk into a new room or explore the strange world around me it gradually changes into 3 or 4 or 5, in rare cases I’ve been in possibly 7 separate places. Sometimes even turning around changes the place around me. Occasionally I do things I’d never do, but most of the time I stay my passive self. I was once in a knife fight with some random guy in my house and I didn’t feel a thing when he stabbed me (and I had no choice but to punch him unconscious with my bare hands, in which I oddly succeeded). Other times, I remember I scratched my arm too hard (and there was some alien fluid that drenched it) and these painfully sensitive white things popped up on my arm, and the skin on my arm itself turned a harsh sun-burnt red. When I touched one of the white things, even very gently, it felt familiar, like touching a skinned knee, but far worse. More like scratching a skinned knee on a cheese grater.

One of the only recurring dreams I can think of is one where I get a strange virus on my computer. The virus spawns pop-up after pop-up, then freezes my computer. After that, I try to turn off my computer. It won’t turn off. I unplug my computer. The monitor is still on. I unplug all the cables on the back of the computer tower. It’s still on. Then, it shuts off. Finally. It boots back up, and there’s a fake Windows 98 with a messed up color palette, with pop-ups and more pop-ups. Then it in general goes berserk and displays what looks like a virus on an acid trip. Then, suddenly, it shuts off, and boots up my normal computer, suspiciously and successfully.

There’s a lot more I’d like to say about my dreams, and maybe I went overboard, and I think I repeated a lot, but it’s 1:30 AM and I really don’t know what I doing, LOL. Like most people, I don’t think too clearly when I stay up until the early, really early morning.

Thank you to anyone who read through that. There might be a lot of typos so if anything doesn’t sound like complete English than just try to figure out what I tried to say. Again, it’s late and accuracy in general decreases when a person gets tired.

Again, thank you : ).

I totally understand what you are talking about. I really don’t think that there is a limit on dreams…

About death or being stabbed or shot, I have been there before. It was actually quite scary during the advent of the situation, and then mildly amusing afterwards as I was not hurt or dead and felt no pain whatsoever. It was more like thought of impending danger was the motive force behind any fears. Really, nothing ever happened, but it scares the crap out of you until it is over, then you say to yourself “Oh that’s right, it’s only a dream” . Of course by that time you are awake and sometimes soaking in sweat and breathing rather deeply.

Another thing that gets to me are what I can only call the “twitches”. I mean there you are sleeping away (I guess) and then all of a sudden your body starts to twitch in some sort of spasmodic nature that then again wakes you from your slumbers. I have no idea at all what that is all about.