Welcome to my website!

I finally built the dang thing :D. Just basic HTML, a little JS for spice, it displays some of the best of a few of years’ of my work in 2D & 3D & game tech. Thought you folks might like browsing, and maybe offer some feedback.

Digital Art by Karl Nyman


No worries - you’ll get my feedback shortly.

Warning: Nude images.

Oh wow, it’s neat when you discover someone online you may know of in real life. PM sent!

nice site. It’s simple, it looks great, it’s easy to navigate, I love the preview system and there’s excellent content.

Only thing I miss is a ‘sketches’ section, but that’s just cause I love lookin at sketches. This is an excellent portfolio site.

Yeah, well done.
Just had a quick browse… nice work, too!

I’ve got a sketchbook thread going on over at CA.org that you might like to browse, then:

My CA sketchbook

And thanks for the kind comments. Not sure why nudes need a “warning” though :confused:. The one topless image is labeled, btw.

Nice, but there’s a major issue that there’s no direct link from each level back to the previous.

To go from Illustration to tutorials, say, I’ve got to hit the back button. More than once if I’m viewing a particular image.

Navigation should be intuitive and simple :slight_smile:

That would be the back button, or the header of a subsection, though that one’s more a “discoverable” link.

Only two clicks actually, from anywhere – to home page (has a link on every page, two, actually), then on to any another section.

While it’s quite possible to put a full-site nav menu on every page it also increases the sense of clutter imo. With a site this “shallow” in terms of links depth I didn’t think the extra nav links would be of more value than keeping things sparse in terms of design. But the comments is appreciated, if people seem to get lost I’ll add some more links to the footer.

I can just see it now…
A sign above the entrance to the Louvre, saying:“WARNING: May contain nudity”

Makes me want to see more, including the animation. Can you link to a youtube vid?

Not sure why nudes need a “warning” though :confused:. The one topless image is labeled, btw.

I just went to your concept page, or something, and I saw a drawing… there are others around that prefer to be warned about that, so I did. I’m sure the rest of the site’s good, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed, got that one all by myself. Relying on that screws anyone that has, say, visited a page directly. Please, never design a page which requires back and forward to navigate.

or the header of a subsection, though that one’s more a “discoverable” link.

I have just noticed the link in the footer. Sorry I didn’t notice it before. Still this highlights an issue, putting the links at the bottom is incredibly unintuitive, particularly if the initial links were at the top. Additionally so if the links are not obviously clickable. Since this isn’t a monkey island game don’t expect visitors to search for clickable items.

I should be able to find a link to do something like “go to index page” in under a second. My eye visits the top left, then looks for the menu that was there on the front page, along the top, then along the left and right sides for new menus (where we expect them to be). The footer never actually crossed my mind, it’s for addenums, footnotes, information that can be useful but safely left out.

The main section headers are fine, because they are obviously there to click. The “contact artist” link at the bottom of the index page appears at first sight to be just text.

Interface design for simple things (read: NOT BLENDER) is based on one very simple idea. Are things where you expect them to be? i.e. If the average user does X, expecting Y to happen, Y should happen when X is done.

I truly dislike YouTube vids, the quality is pretty much uncontrollable and usually bottom of the barrel imo. The sub-pages of the Models and Animation section have links to d/l .avi movies that use the XviD codec. Double-click the thumbnails to open these sub-pages, btw.

using javascript to link images is extremely annoying, it is a huge time waster if someone is interested in looking at multiple images in your portfolio.


It is less annoying than I thought, at first the single clicking wasn’t working for me…

still though it is nice to be able to use ‘linky’ to open all the images in tabs at one time so while they are loading i can do something else,