welcome to the city

It’s been a while…I always seem to do this, do a 2d and a 3d project at the same time…anyhow I started this on paper a couple of weeks ago, It didn’t look that good on screen so I left it 'til last week…
Original paper version:
and the digital version:
I cropped the images btw, I plan to add some buildings…
C&C welcome!

That digital version is looking good! I like the angle of the buildings in the original one. Maybe try making the buildings in Blender (in the same angle!) and composite the girl over them?

Thanks for the suggestion F13! :slight_smile: well, I one building almostdone…just need a few more…

The head doesn’t quite work, the face looks a bit flat to me, other than that it is very nice.


I haven’t done much with this cause I was in Charlotte, NC visiting my sister last week…and came back with a bad cold and an ear infection! :frowning:
I did manage to come up with a background concept(3d):
It’s based on Time Square here in NY, but different…what do you think?