Welcome to the Traditional Forum

In this forum you can post anything non-3D or traditional.
drawings in Photoshop, oil on Canvas, basically everything that doesn’t belong in the 3D category.

Have fun!

Roel Spruit

Haha Goofster!!!

I beat your sticky post by a few mins and got the first post here… and i rock because of it!!! hehe :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

oooh cool !! :o

a new forum !! [!] :wink:

Very good idea!

This is a very good idea… hmmm… time to dig up the scanner…

Superb, this is a well overdue feature at Elysiun.


Finally :slight_smile:
now i just gotta find some stuff to upload

Does music fall into this category? :slight_smile:

Your real name is “Roel Spruit”? When I think of “Spruit” it brings “spreading ketchup”-sound into my mind. But it is possible, then. Maybe it’s pronounced differently of what I think. Like frenchly or something. Then again, I can’t really know what my name brings up to people’s mind.

just a quick question, I just bought a great camera and wonder of photography is allowed here?

I plans to learn how to touch it up and possibly learn how to introduce 3d characters and objects to a image and whatnot.

Photography is, of course, allowed.

Fruit machines, slots or one-armed bandits! Whatever you call them there is no doubt these games are hugely popular with anyone one who has ever played them - and lets face it most of us have!

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Good concept for new thread… I want to tell something about used cars.

I am a graphic designer by profession and i always feel happy when i see some threads on designing at some forum or blog. There are always some new thing to learn and share. ok i am soon gonna paste some pictures for your comments! Thanks!

Hi Goofster, i love paintings specially done on some canvas, the thing done with your own hand have extra attraction, 3D is something fantasy, i love landscapes, flowers, animal paintings means everything related to reality or shows you actual thing, i am looking forward to see work on this

Really its a great idea!

@BreanaAbagail this post is ANCIENT, plz dont post on old threads But welcome to the forums anyways.

wow…this a very good thing…and also a very creative place where everyone can share his/her drawings, art work,paintings and lots of more so that we can know others quality of doing such type of work…

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Helix Group, LLC are the best source from where we can learn about 2d painting and image editing. But can show me the list of other competitors in Olympia, WA 98501
I want to join them but Helix Group is not suitable for me… due to some reasons.
I am waiting for your kind reply.

I really like this thread as it will give us a chance to rejuvenate the thing that has lost in the past. good idea.