I’ve been meaning to do this image since my Steelworks image of Blender days past. The intent is not realism here but rather something more stylistic, more of an impression, although not quite impressionistic.

I like the idea of a welder merging things together because I think artists sometimes function like welders, bringing together ideas in creative moments sparked by insight and fiery inspiration.

Blender’s vector particle effects were used for the sparks. Colored lights were used along with emitters with varied halo materials to establish the atmosphere.

Pure Blender 2.42 with exception of gamma adjustments in post and removal of a stray particle that pierced the hand.

Thank you for viewing my work,


Wow, I get to reply first :slight_smile:

Well I must say this is hot stuff indeed. Your recent work rocks the hell out of the entire forum. Keep it up. 4 stars.

I like this one a lot. Especially the colors
It’s also a change from your abstract interpretations or I-do-not-know-what-you-call-it art where you have to figure out what you’re seing. Its simply relaxing and pleasing to the eye.
The colors are great and the sparks are beautiful, my only crit is the tool and hand. The hand looks too thick and lumpy and the tool looks a bit small and puny to be such a strong welder.

Otherwise, two thumbs up!

Man, you’re able to make these pieces so fast and yet make them so perfect. I’m guessing since you seem to stay up all night or work for many hours on end to make and perfect it.

I don’t know if this was your intention, but your render has that great stylized look of old Art Deco posters, or even those ancient Soviet propaganda posters. Nice job!

Okay, Others have said this, but (now mind you it IS a VERY AWESOME PIECE) but I would love to see you try something more out side your style. Granted this piece does break the mold slightly but why not go crazy, and. . . not go crazy. I hope you understand what I mean, because I confused myself.

Awesome stuff!

Love the grainy aspect to it, that makes all the difference!

Really cool particle effect. The weld mask also looks great, but the hand looks kinda weird. Of course he’s wearing thick rubber gloves or something like that, but still something looks funny there.

I simply love it. There’s something odd going on on the hand, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Great use of colors(or should I say lighting and compositing). Definedly 5 star material. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work, it inspires us all.

Husam: Wow, thanks :slight_smile:

Edeehem: I appreciate the comments! The hand is in one of those heavy rubbery gloves.

Cyborg Dragon: Yes, many hours :wink: They’re not at all all that fast lately. I am demanding a lot more of myself in terms of quality, trying to push myself further yet. Quality is at the top of all my priorities for my Blender projects these days, so no matter how long or short it takes has become irrelevant to me. I only want to create work that has a fighting chance to be seen and seriously regarded in hopes that the ideas I have can be expressed and considered by others. To put it another way, I’m trying more than ever to harness the power of this medium and use it more effectively :slight_smile: so much still to learn though!

nyrathwiz: Very interesting feedback, especially about the Art Deco. Thanks!

Framedworld: By now you’ve probably seen my Autoannihilatamaton, but that’s relatively simple and tame compared to some of the more complex work coming down the pike. Project to project, I don’t consciously try to adhere to any one style but rather try to let the ideas develop on their own and take their own directions.

Wanted Bob: Thanks! Some grain was courtesy of AO, with the rest from textures and even some fine particles.

ook: Thank you! Particle effects are always fun to work with :slight_smile:

Wereaser: I really appreciate the kind words, Wereaser, and the rating. It’s exciting to try bringing different ideas to life in this medium.