Well i guess i am screwed for the next 6 weeks damn RSI

Just when i was in need of my hands to put the finishing touch on a game level RSI struck again on my wrist.

I can barely lift anything and it was my fault since i did a pretty stupid thing by using my mouse all week long instead of my tablet.

This is the third time in 3 years and i need to remember my lesson that a mouse is a no go in my case.

Beware of RSI folks because if you get it(most of you will get it at some point)you will be fragile to more of the same the minute you push the envelope a little too much.

I am very sad and disappointed and it can become chronic eventually and i will have to quit game development if it reach that far.

My workspace is ergonomic and i have a good chair so i just need to avoid touching the mouse at all cost.

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I get mild soreness sometimes. I’m sure if I don’t take care of it, I’ll develop some RSI issues. I’ve been thinking of getting a vertical mouse—they supposedly keep your arm in a more natural position. Probably best to just remember to take breaks, I suppose.

Anyway, I wish you a speedy recovery, doesn’t sound fun.

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Hey hi xrg, i did had a vertical mouse when RSI start to harass me but it was not enough to avoid the pain but it was better than a conventional mouse.

what i chose was to go with a wacom and i solve my issue with it but i just order a left hand vertical mouse to start training to become ambidextrous since many artists did this to be able to continue in the business.

RSI is the main cause of absenteeism in gaming studio world wide!

My biggest advice would be that when you start to have pain you can be on the verge of tendons rupture so never push it that far or else healing can take a hell of a long time.

Thank for the kind words!

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Well it’s going to be the fourth week tomorrow and i still have to wait another 2 weeks before i resumed working and that was so long and boring since i could only watch movies!

Now i will also use voice commands to release as much burden and clicking on my hand , i will use vocola 3 and WSR. This guy here show a demonstration and he is also plague with RSI problem ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcilO5CsfHM&t=6s

I decide to made a lot of change to beat that RSI for good like doing the following ;

#1 You have to quit coffee since coffee is grabbing all the nutriments that are healing tendons and muscles and you also get dehydrated and water is the most essential part of repairing tendons and maintain optimal body metabolism.

#2 quit sugar since this will kick in mega inflammation and make your body acidic and avoid cheating since only a small sugar intake will ruined days of healing on your tendons.

#3 Eat an anti inflammatory diet and eat the best food to heal tendons : Protein-Rich Foods. Protein is an important building block for many tissues in your body, including muscle. Fiber-Rich Foods, Fruits and Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Zinc-Rich Foods, Vitamin D and Calcium-Rich Foods…

#4 Building muscles to support tendons in arm, neck, shoulder, chest, back and abdominal.

#5 If you have toxic or negative thought or attitude you will also need to change that since they are greatly affecting water molecules in your body. Here an explanation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1-0ulKgmio so you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that since our body is compose of 65% of water then you want that water to work for you and not against you to heal.

Doing these artists stretches&exercise is also essential ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEf5AGef4yI&list=PLQ7dJRyNTWUIe1UxpJuYQJA-zfoiB3IWE

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I feel you, RSI is hell. I hope you get better soon. I suffered from it too and it’s really hard to get to painless mode again. Oh it sucked so much, sooo much. I wanted to do stuff so badly but I just couldn’t, even thinking about the finger movement kind of hurt . Your list sounds good though. Nowadays I rarely use the mouse. I switched to using my tablet 90% of the time. Abandoned coffee too, only loose leaf black tea. Gives me the caffeine but without the cramps and gives me something to nerd about :slight_smile: Some other things that helped me: a gel pad to rest my hands on while typing and some gadgets (gyroscopic balls and those rubber rings that guitar players use) to strengthen the muscles in my hand - after it got better of course. Also don’t forget your other hand. Its not as bad as you think…

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:persevere: Out of curiosity, while mousing, are you left or right clicker? :wink:
Get well.

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:grin: LSI to all the deviants

Very nice post and yes wanting to do stuff and not being able to do it is hell impersonated!

I just look at a mouse and i instantly get pain in my hands just by looking at it. I also made the switch to a wacom and even there i got pain in my shoulder blade area and upper shoulder. That’s the reason i am now considering using more voice command to lesser the burden on my hands.

I bought a vertical left mouse and i am not so bad with it after just a month using it but i tried drawing with it and i was not able to have precision yet, maybe on the longer run but i doubt i will keep using the mouse since my left wrist is already starting to hurt.

Regarding coffee the main thing i notice is that now i have a very constant energy level compared to when i was taking coffee, the coffee was getting me small burst of energy but the crash was not helping and now my energy flow is constant and i can do much more.

I forgot to mention that i also drink a lot of water even if i am not thirsty.

I am right hander currently trying to get better with the left and thank!

about left VS right click - pain almost started, but as i switched to right click, finger motion got better distributed - less work with digit consequently means less strain and more work for the middle finger to keep it functional & strong :fu:t3: :grin: helps to exercise your hands, wrists and fingers

but from what i have gathered over decades, it’s likely a calcification… most common cause of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis ~ joint pains & also kidney issues

either way, i prevented by switching from:

  • coffee —> cranberry (prevents calcification, good for joints & kidneys) + pomegranate (vitamin C) juice or tea
  • sugar —> honey
  • add regular morning & evening exercise alike tai chi or yoga (nothing extreme, at least do regular stretching and warming up - helps to keep muscles & joints stretched, flexible and greased up) with a glass of mineral water rich in Mg (to prevent cramps which are minute muscular injuries or tearings, Mg optimizes healing, re-gen & recreation)

listen to your host (body) and strive to stay away from getting into extremes too often
once pain/ dis-ease becomes chronic, there’s no turning back, but tolerance rises until the whole system becomes unbearable to sustain and then it collapses.

This is a personal experience of somewhat healthy and modest way of life.
to prevent doubts get 2nd, 3rd… opinion
– Think twice, do once! –


If you’re having inflammation problems, there are several useful nutritional supplements that have been shown (in clinical trials) to have useful effects:

  • Turmeric: Yes, you buy it in the spice rack. Make a tea with it. Cook with it. (Or, you can also buy it in capsules, or buy empty capsules and put it into them.)

  • MSM: A very powerful and effective anti-inflammatory.

It’s also important to take a B-complex supplement regularly since coffee (and, alcohol) robs your body of these. (If you’re having memory problems, buy one that emphasizes B-12.) Potassium/Mangesium supplementation also helps.

Inflammation is your body’s powerful response to many forms of injury – including RSI – and you actually don’t want to try to completely suppress it, as some treatments like the ubiquitous (no, no!) “steroid shots” basically attempt to do. You need for that inflammation to be there to promote healing, but you can encourage your body to reduce it.

Now, look at your workplace. Your desk-chair arm should be near the height of the desk (if you unconsciously rest your elbow on it), and, just as they tell professional keyboardists, be sure that your arm extends straight to the mouse and that your wrist is not bent or resting on the edge of the desk. Many people encourage resting the heel of your palm on the edge so that the mouse moves are only made with finger – not arm – movements.


I’ve been holding a mouse on average for 12 hours a day for past 15 years and never had an issue. My experience pretty much confirms @sundialsvc4 observation.

Most of my colleagues who had some wrist issues were using their mice in a really dumb ways. From the data I gathered most of the people who had issues had their entire forearms resting on the table, and were moving the mouse with their wrist. On top of that, their mouse sensitivity was often ridiculously low, requiring them to twist their wrists way too far to actually move the cursor even half the screen. That puts a LOT of strain on your wrist.

Here’s what I am doing past 15+ years without any issues at all (many of the points repeat @sundialsvc4 points):

1, Make sure your chair armrest is the exact same height as your desk surface.

2, Invest in a good gamepad with no friction (I have razer destructor 2 and it’s fine) and most importantly, a really good, accurate gaming mouse. I have Zowie EC1-A (EC2-A these days). Why a good accurate gaming mouse? Because they you can use it at really high sensitivity but still be accurate, which brings me to:

3, Make sure your mouse sensitivity is high enough, and learn to use it. It will take about 3 days for your muscle memory to compensate, but if you have a good, high polling rate, high DPI gaming mouse, you can be extremely accurate even at high sensitivity. This allows you to do one important thing - you can control your mouse with a fingertip grip with your fingers mostly, with your wrist being almost completely static (I use something half way between palm and fingertip grip). I can get from the left side to the right side of my 1920x1200 screen with my wrist not tilting more than 5°

You can make a simple test to test your mouse sensitivity:
A, Put your mouse cursor to the very left edge of your screen
B, Move the cursor at a constant speed directly from the left to the right side of your screen so that it takes exactly 3 seconds to get there (constant, 3 second long travel minimizes the impact of OS mouse acceleration).
C, If your mouse moved more than 5cm, your sensitivity is too low.

But keep in mind that if you change sensitivity high enough with some cheap shitty 125Hz polling rate mouse, you’ll have no chance of using it precisely at that sensitivity. So it really relies on quality mouse.

4, The way I am holding my mouse is that my wrist rest fully on the wrist bone that’s below the pinky.
And this contact point is just one to two centimeters from the desk edge. That makes it really easy to just lift slightly and move the entire arm rather than twist your wrist. Good gaming mouse ensures that the wrist is slightly tilted so that the nerves coming through are not compressed. The elbow rests on the armrest in the same height as the desk.

Combination of these factors will pretty much allow you to minimize strain on your wrist, simply because you won’t be moving your wrist almost at all, and if you are, you won’t be doing it in a manner that compresses the carpal tunnel nerves.

I’ve seen people complaining that even vertical mouse did not help, just to notice their sensitivity on it was so low they had to drag it over the entire mouse pad to make it half way through the screen :smiley:

Also, just keep in mind that if you try the steps above, it won’t magically be better in an hour. The body and muscle memory will still need to adjust to a new positions, so it may not be as comfortable from the start.


Excellent post and thank for sharing these tips!

Again great tips here and i take both turmeric and MSM and don’t forget to add a pinch of pepper to your turmeric since it will boost absorption by a 20 factor.

Agree inflammation is the healing process so it should never be stop with corticoids injection. Even if it’s hurt i can endure the pain without too much problem.

The only problem my workstation has is the keyboard in front of my wacom so it force me to bend to type in but i don’t see how would i place it so it’s functional and ergonomic at the same time!

Thank for the tips and the extensive post but for me a mouse is totally out of the question and i even tried the costly vertical mouse where the buttons broke after one year using it and i was still getting pain.

I use a tablet but the pain simply transfer in my shoulder and shoulder blade now and partly in my forearm and wrist.

I think i can solve this with light muscle building to support the various tendons since i do no other physical activity with my upper body, i only walk 45 min each days so i think that part of my problem is not enough muscles to support these specific tendons.

The shoulder problem with a pen - I know it, too. Swimming helped me enormously. But it is also related to wrong posture and too little breaks. I bought an old school tea timer that I set too half an hour, when it rings I stretch. It also makes me work more concentrated due to the ticking as a positive side effect. And just in case you work on a cintiq, invest in an arm mount. I recently got an ergotron and now I can work standing if I want too. It was a huge relief. OK, grandpa’s bag of tricks is empty. Get well soon.

Hey ogonek thank again mate for the tips but i use an intuos 5 small size and i was wondering if a medium size would be a better choice?

I took the small since i thought i would have to do less ample movement on a small surface.

I have a cintiq at work and I really have the least problems with it also due to the mentioned telescope arm. At home I have a small huion tablet 6,3" x 3,9" (16x10cm) after my old intuos3 broke (8" x 6", 20 x 15 cm) and I think the bigger one was better for my posture because you do less movements with your wrist. So kind of the opposite of what ravalanche mentioned about mouse use (That post was 100% great btw, print it out and share it with your local doctors) because of the different muscles involved. So I think with pen tablets It’s bigger = better. Just watch your shoulder.

Yes, exercise will definitely help. These are more of a tips for when you get better, so that you don’t fall back into it. It’s kinda trivial actually - Repetitive Strain Injury. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You get injured by repetitively straining (putting too much work) onto your wrist. With the approach I’ve written, you should be able to minimize the amount of work your wrist, and even elbow and shoulder has to do to push that heavy mouse cursor around the screen :slight_smile: Of course, again, only if you ever choose to use the mouse again.

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