Well I thought it was a good plan...

“Bachelor party my ass”
Hey, this is the first time I modeled animals that weren’t ruff objects stuck together,also balloons.


Full size

Tell me what you think please

haha nice I love it. only thing i don’t really like are the 2 black things which im guessing is crap? but that’s just me. good job

You have slack in the string attached to the balloon which would not be real if these guys weigh as much as they look to weigh.

Also, the harnesses look a bit like they were forceably attached by a mad scientist - doesn’t match your title.

The fur is a little rough, but having tried to do fur I know how difficult it can be.

I like the droppings, nice touch :slight_smile:

A good effort and keep it up.

Thanks, but I think you figured it out wrong.
That’s not a slack of string, that is the string going through the cap on their backs.
The idea is that they actually were attached to it by someone, as if his plan was to run out, or steal something and they got up to the person who did that.
Yeah I had some troubles with the fur, but adding length would make it go through objects and hide their eyes
Thanks :slight_smile: