Well what do ya know! Yet another commercial from Lucasfilms

Yup, star wars had a vague plot, bad story telling and rotten dialouges. But hey, it was a nice looking commercial.

Wow… macke didnt like it… I figured anyone who likes chrome dildos would just get the biggest kick out of powerful lightsaber vibrators…

That’s uh, very nice… macke… HOWEVER, the movie isn’t even out yet, what makes you think you know everything about Ep2 just by looking at the few commercials it has ?

I think he has seen it, and I believe he was implying that it (whole movie) was a commerical for Lucas Films in general. Meaning it lacked the significant elements that make it truly artistic, and more like a business for pofit. Like most boy bands, they come in a pre-packaged box.

/me takes note of another negative comment… mmmm… I begin to like Gangster movies and Westerns more than SciFi

What do you think of ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ (Sergio Leone 1984, Robert de Niro) and
‘The Good, the Bad, the Ugly’ (Sergio Leone 1966, with Clint Eastwood at his optimum)


well…if you didn’t know it, they had premier
here in Sweden at midnight at 00.01 this day/night
(yes, macke is swedish), but I don’t know if he saw
that show… :-? that time is for those fanatics who have
camping outside the theatres (those youngsters lol),
I am an old fart and not fanatic even tough I ran around
the schoolyard in the 70’s playing jedi-knight LOL

I will wait until Sunday to see it (also for free :smiley: )

I read in todays paper that this movie is the first ever to be
released all digitally on a disc with the movie and the sound
in all that disc…and that there were some artifacts when they showed
it in the saloon, and it would be even more of it when watching it
in that big Theatre Royal where I am gonna go, to bad, hope not it will
show up on the screen all those digitally artifacts :frowning:


Jason: The ultra chrome ships made me think of dildos, and don’t get me started on Anakins robo arm in the end, sheesh. How’s he gonna perform certain duties to Amidala, becoming left handed?

NetMepal: The movie premiered here last night. I was referring to the fact that the whole movie feels like a commercial for Lucasfilms et al. Great looking commercial though.

Acasto: My conclusion, Lucas sucks at writing, at least dialouges and plotlines. At least nowadays

S68: The good the bad and the ugly, lovely flick. I’m a bit of a C. Eastwood fan. What’dya know! I can’t really remember anything from Once upon a time in america, although I have seen it. I probably didn’t pay much attention to it.

ztonzy: I Couldn’t recognize any artifacts. Then again, many of the minutes spent in the theatre was spent really disliking the movie. You could go see the beginning, go home and come back to see the end, and still not miss a thing…

hey, I saw that one on the cinema when it came out -84 !!

very strange chronologicall journey, but won’t forget it :smiley:

it was long, 3 hours and they had a break for 15 minutes,
to get fresh air and such…nowdays everything is tighten
up and no pauses/breaks and such…so when Lord Of The Rings
got at the cinema…all those 3 hours was not very fun…
…and now after I saw it the movie were sometimes boring and I still
wondering why didn’t got to the toilet ever under the move LOL :smiley:


macke: LOL you say that ? well, have to wait and see for it :wink:

I meant that the moviereporter had written that
in our local newspaper (Sydsvenska Dagbladet)

but you know how reporters are…they tell seldom how the average
public likes stuff, so it is fun to read them , but as many people
have very different opinions it seldom tells…the right…

maybe he had bad luck, I don’t know…


What do you think of ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ (Sergio Leone 1984, Robert de Niro) and
‘The Good, the Bad, the Ugly’ (Sergio Leone 1966, with Clint Eastwood at his optimum) = REAL MOVIE

I haven’t seen episode 2 yet but from the drivel laden feckless dialogue I heard on the trailers I don’t have high hopes. Takes more to make a movie than cool cgi.

Ztonzy: Yeah, I bet a journalist can spot that a mile away ;oP

As for the fighting, it wasn’t all that fun really. It was fighting allright, but not really exciting fighting. I liked when Anakin went mad, but the stupid mofos cut to another sequence so the whole slaughtering was not to be seen…

I can’t wait to see the making of though…

The truth is that Star Wars episode II is a far better movie than Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Rings is nowhere near as good as the books, and there are too many stupid fights. The books were not about fightting at all! Oh yeah, and the effects (I know special effects isn’t the most important thing in a movie) were really terrible!! Those Orcs were so comicly unconvincing, that only my granny would believe they existed (she is nearly blind). The effects really distract, instead of contributing.

As for Star Wars, why do you even bother posting if you don’t like it? As I said before, Star Wars isn’t Mcbeth, and shouldn’t be reviewed as though it was. The dialog is simple because it isn’t the dialog that drives the story - it’s that simple.

Yes, Star Wars is commercial(even with its anti-capitalistic messages), and so what? Sit down and enjoy it, instead of whyning about pointless stuff.

You have a united league of critics around the whole world arguing against you. Lotr kicked ass.

People said that Picasso’s work wasn’t art. After he died people started to realize the brilliance of his work. People didn’t like it because it was different - it didn’t fit with anything else. If you judge Picasso’s works thinking that classic art is the “real thing”, it did really look bad. In the same way, Star Wars should be judged as a Star Wars movie, not anything else.

And by the way, Star Wars only shines when you watch all of them cronologically. Watching Episode II by itself is like reviewing act 2 of a six-part play.

yeah. you are right and everybody else is wrong.
move along nothing to see here.

Now that is a bad argument. Just because mr. Reviewer agrees with you does not make your point of view more true. Infact, that was my point - many reviewers have a certain view of what a ferfect movie is, and so the Star Wars films have never had especially proud reviews. It proved amzingly popular by the public anyway, so it can’t be that terrible.

Besides, the fact that you didn’t enjoy Episode II says more about you than the movie.

I liked episode 2.
witch proves that you are not paying attention.

“Star Wars isn’t Mcbeth, and shouldn’t be reviewed as though it was”

I can talk about it as a kiddie movie if it makes you happy. Fact remains, there is barely a story in the flick, its a collection of eye candy. And that is of course really nice for cg people, but watching it becomes rather tedious as the annoyance of the plotline and vague dialouges bring it down really bad.

“As for Star Wars, why do you even bother posting if you don’t like it?”

Here we go with the blender attitude again, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut up”. Welcome to the real world, not everything is positive you know.

You say LOTR is nothing like the books. Have you read the starwars books? Then please come talking about nothing like the book. Personally, I think Mr. Jackson did quite well with LOTR. The story, if not as immense and detailed as the books, do come through.

About Picasso, its rather naive to try and compare him to Starwars don’t you think. And what I have done is judged Episode II as a Starwars movie, and the result of that you already know. Please reconsider your arguments as you obviously are quite biased and saturated by personal hope or something. Face the fact, I think Episode II sucked, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

well, everyone shall has his or hers opinion…

kiddiemovie ? well…are you adult then 8) ??

I liked this movie as I have seen it today,
then it must make me a kid lol (I am 32)… :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as a movie/drama or any type of entertainment
is enjoyable, then it is satisfactory to me…and possible
for any kind of person…but somepart I can agree that
maybe the first (episode I) was little to less dark,
but in a whole…it like saga…