Were are the Separate and Combine xyz nodes?

Ive built a node group for 4 matrix transformations based on the 4-1 matrix node lesson from cgcookie.

I can’t find the separate and combine xyz nodes though that are used in the example for splitting and recombining the vectors
Ive had to use separate and combine RGB nodes instead which is a bit of a fudge.

It works but when I use these in the node group it seems to cap the values so Im not getting the full range of transform I might otherwise get.

Im using version 2.71.

Are separateXYZ and combineXYZ in 2.72 or are they a special build or do they come from an addon?
How do I kit myself outwith these nodes?

As always any tips or advice will be gratefully recieved.

Here is my node group so that you can see how Im having to fudge how I split and recombine the vectors

Yes, they’re in 2.72. And there’s nothing wrong with using RGB, at least for now (except that you need extraneous nodes to e.g. construct vectors with negative values). For muptiply, you can just use the MixRGB node in Multiply mode, it’d perform component-wise multiplication and will store values beyond [0,1] range.

Time to end my 2.72 resistance I think. Clearly I am ready to be assimilated.

Its going to take a fair bit of fudging to get the transform part of the matrix to work with values outwith the color node ranges so It will be easier I think if I just upgrade now.

Thank you for your assistance

I’m using 2.75 and I still can’t find this. I’m using Blender Game, however. Is this cycles-only?