We're sending a DVD package to Farsthary in Cuba .. want to share anything?

Are there any resources, papers, samples of your work etc you’d enjoy sharing? If so please post a link here or send me a PM. We are sending it in the morning.

So far we have the latest builds of Blender, lots of great movie trailers, videos of talks from the Libre Graphics meeting, and Caligari TrueSpace (literally everything from their site since it’s going to be taken down).

Anything else we should include? We have about 2 gig of space on the last DVD.

Wife of Blendiac

3d coat voxel sculpting software (15 day trial)
Program + pdf startup.

There is also this website with tons of siggraphs papers, since the papers are in .pdf format they don’t take up so much space and you could include loads of them on the DVD, who knows what and when they might be useful.

But if there’s one paper with videos included I’d like him to see is this one:

Basiclly it takes small images like this one:
And maps it smartly to any complex shape:

And thanks for your help :wink:

Thank you! I downloaded everything from the last page. The 15 day trial we’ll have to miss as the DVD’s will likely take months to get there, and Lapinou sent him all the Siggraph papers last year. He LOVED them! Farsthary organizes everything, and has DVD backup’s of everything he is sent… he’s building a reference library. All this helps so much!

Possible solution to Farsthar’s problem: Satellite Internet Access.
The question is: Can you take the hardware to Cuba and operate them normally? that’s if you are going to Cuba.

Satellite’s are currently illegal in Cuba. With recent changes in US policy it’s possible that internet access may open up a little in the coming years Home internet via dial up is still illegal as well as I understand it (although some people have it). It costs the equilivant of about 3 years salary or more to get a phone in your house, and the waiting list is very long. Most people do not have phones.

Current options are through school/work, or limited state run internet cafe’s (with no ability to get data on or off the computer) which you need government permission to use. They are very slow too as the country is all on dial up.

No plans to go to Cuba again right now… Blendiac and I are expecting a baby! But likely again in the next year or so!

GPU Gems 1, 2, 3 are all available free and have some really interesting papers.

Excuse me if I say a nonsense…but…programming books, full ones, in PDF or a electronic format he can use? Surely you can cram a lot into a dvd… Am not a programmer to know which are good, neither where are those resources…

Long list of e-books for many programming languages HERE