We're TripleClaim, please help us go to Indies Crash E3 :D

Hello Blenderartist!

We’re making a game for Android and iOS called “Bananaz In Space” and another one that is in the making called “J.D. Zetz - The Banana Conspiracy”. We were nominated for the Indies Crash E3 and have the chance to go to LA!!!
We are using Unity as game engine, but for all the Models and Animations and Baking and and and… Blender is our tool of choice.
If you want a team, that will talk about Blender all the time, to win, vote for us! We’d be very greatful and honored.
It seems that we and some nice guys from Brasil are fighting for the pole position. Currently we’re first! But it changes quckly.

Here are some links where you will find out more about us:
https://www.facebook.com/TripleClaim?ref=hl like us :smiley:

And of course the VOTE LINK: http://indiescrashe3.com/nomination/0F665073-E5CE-1B6F-C24C-9C5107740995

If you like what we’re doing, please vote and share with your friends :smiley: