Werewolf problems

Made a new composition!
@seymaple - instagram
Inspired by mr werewolf
Feedback would be great

“Drake” from mixamo sculpted to look like a werewolf, hair added.
Cloth simulation on one of the knights
Photoshop paint over for extra texture, blood, etc.
Give me some feedback!


Nice work! I got some feedbacks, but it’s my opinion.
Boots looks too modern for me.
The Wolf foot contact looks fake, (perhaps it’s a question of mud color around?)
The bottom picture water reflection is strange, (perhaps the environement map?), first time i saw it, i thought it was a cliff.
And the main frame composition, made the wolf caracter too much in the center. There is something better to do with it in term of framing.
Anyway, that’s a good job. I hope that what i said is a constructive talk to you.
happy …B

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This is fantastic! Love the lighting and atmosphere.

Agree with skuax, though, that the boots could use a bit more grime, and also, maybe the ground seems too flat and undisturbed when you consider the action and weight above it.

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Yeah super constructive, I’ll keep all the info in mind, and yeah a did some quick paint overs in photoshop (that’s the ground texture mostly).
Thanks a bunch!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely take those points in mind for future similar work!

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks a lot!

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