Westwood 3d exporter

I was wondering if anybody was interested enough in making a westwood 3d (.w3d) exporter. This is somewhat used in the SAGE engine (which is basically 3d all Command and Conquer games, Battle for middle earth RTS games and command and conquer renegade).

At the moment the only way to export things to .w3d is through gmax and the renx gameset or 3ds max (most recent versions before 09).

Unfortunately it is further complicated by the fact that the .w3d can have several different settings (at least for CNC renegade it can)

here is a link to a page that may have some useful information.

I know this topic is very old and I’m sorry if up’ing it isn’t allowed. But as it is in the firsts google results when searching about W3D on Blender I think my answer might help some people.

There is a W3D export/import addon on github (link here). Simply download as a zip file, then uncompress the “w3dtools” subfolder into your “Blender<version>\scripts\addons”. You will be able to see and enable the addon in the Addons section after starting Blender.

so the official SAGE team released this add-ons finally, laugh