Wet looking skin?


Excuse me if i post this in the wrong part of the forum , if so please move it.

How does one make a certain material have a wet look to it ? Let’s say i import a character model but i want it’s skin to have a wet effect on it, sweat, water etc ?

Most i managed to find is toying around with some settings in the blender principled bsdf and i managed to add some gloss effect but nothing incredible.

Is there an easier way to do this ? Some sort of addon / plugin that lets you apply effects like this ?

I am rather new at all of this so any info is much appreciated, thank you.

Normally there’s a roughness map, a black and white mask that shows what parts are the most glossy which replicates how water forms droplets.

Pop in a Musgrave texture, connect into a color ramp then plug all that into the roughness and that should get you a good start, you probably need to throw in a noise texture and mess with scale to get a dappled look.

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