weve got parents and kids but what about marrage?

(snowy_duck) #1

can here be a marrage in blender? like if a force is applied to one object the other object would move too but the force would be higher to have to push 2 objects. and if it hit a wall the object without a force would stop the one with the force. like a very good marrage :wink: maybe that can be acomplished in a newer verson?

(TomorrowMan) #2

maybe this will work…

lets say for arguments sake, the one pushing two objects is the wife, and the one pushing one is the husband…

wait a sec…this is too complecated to explain in this post…ill email an example file to ya! Press uparrow to move the spouces…R to restart…hope it helps! :slight_smile:

(TomorrowMan) #3

:o :o dude…it wouldnt let me send it to you…well…er…just email me then, and ill give it to you…by the way, its [email protected]…

(snowy_duck) #4

no no this isn’t like a real marrage at all they both r equal…could u do that in blender? oh and u know that dynamic sphere right? well is that filled or is it empty so u can put another dynamic in it?