What a Camaro should look like

I am working on a 1969 Chevy Camaro. I am doing this because a lot of people seem to be doing new Camaros and I thought I would mix things up with an older one.


cool. thats a good idea. :slight_smile:

I finished the hood.


I started to work on the side of the body.


:RocknRoll:Id like to see the end result… ill be back

Taking a break from this one for awhile.

you just started…

I only meant a couple of hours. Sorry for the confusion.

cant believe this. Im just actually working on the same project!!!



That’s cool. Mine is going to be a convertible.

Here is the grill.


Front Bumper.


Looking good

Okay, something’s suspicious here. There must be about six people making Camaros right now.

I don’t know what exactly it might be, but there’s no way the Camaro is that popular.

Not that it looks bad. It’s actually a fairly good sculpt. But it’s a Camaro. Again.

Hey at least I’m making a classic and not the brand new one.


if that worries you I’ll tell you that I’m working on a short film and I need 2 sixties cars and I choose a Camaro and a Cadillac. It is that easy.

Err, who cares what ppl make? they make whatever they feel they need to, whether cuz it looks nice, cuz they need it for something or to enhance their skills, probably among tons of other reasons. People making 6 cameros and posting them here is actually good, because they can learn from each-others mistakes, and make a good looking car in the end!

Anyway, great modeling, but is the top thing that is on the hood, supposed to be attached with that sharpness? (hopefully that made sense?)

I didn’t mean any offense by what I said, but I still find it very strange that so many people would try to sculpt the same kind of car within a very short time of one another (or so it would seem by their posts). I don’t know of anything special or unusual about the Camaro that made it so popular among 3d artists, but I guess I’m just nitpicking now.

Sorry if I came across as a jerk. It wasn’t what I meant to express.

I put some more details on the front.


Here is more of the body . There are some mistakes that I have to fix before I move on.