What about Scores?

How do I make overlay text such as scores and speedometers?

scores are easy
find a text targa image… and add a plane… uvmap the plane so that it fits just over the “@” symbol… in the vertex paint window, with the face of the plane still selected, choose “Text” in the buttons… if the text targa you used is an official one that works with this, the Text button will allow u to control what the plane says…
in the real time window, add a property, and name it “Text” (case senstive)… now, the plane u just uvmapped will say whatever the value of the property is…
so if Text=150, the plane will read 150…
u can make the Text property a string too… so if Text=hello, you suck, the plane will read “hello you suck”… =)
to make the score work… just add 5 to property text every time u want the score to be added:
lets assume a statue will give u points if u collide with it, and the statue also has property “500 points” with value 1… the logic bricks for your main char should look like this:
collide with “500 points”>> AND >> add 500 to Text

so whenever u collide with statue, itll keep adding 500 points to property Text, so your score will keep going up =)

for spedmoters, youll need a python script to calculate the velocity

Where do I get such an image?

Where do I get such an image?


here are 20 different fonts :slight_smile:

also, turn ALPHA on for the face of the plane if you want, and u can change the color of the alpha text by seelecting a color and pressing “set vert col” in the paint window =)