What am I doing incorrectly in Cycles textures?

I can’t seem to figure out why an image texture will not show up on the side of my model.

If I create a new file, and do the same thing to the default cube, it works perfectly, but no matter what I try, I can’t get it to work on the aircraft fuselage.

Any ideas?


did you unwrap it ?

and i don’t see the file name in your image texture node ?

and you need to upload the image from the node itself !


Ricky, Thanks for responding.

Your question about the image name not appearing in the node box appears to be the reason it has not been working. I hadn’t noticed that, or even knew that it would. I was just looking over in the properties panel, where everything looked fine.

So I deleted the entire material and re-built it from scratch – now it works!

Still don’t understand how it got like that though…