What Are Some Possible Ways to Color a Grease Pencil Animation?

I’m trying to do Flash-esque animations using the Blender grease pencil. Everything works fine for me until I go to fill in my drawings.

The traditional way to fill of simply setting the fill color on the strokes always results in errors. For this reason, the absence of something similar to a bucket fill tool is really screwing up my workflow. I was wondering if there might be another way to fill in my strokes, perhaps using an addon or an external program.

I’ve also tried using G’MIC with color spots in GIMP to fill in the colors. Unfortunately, there seems to be no fast way to do that for every frame of my animation. Every frame seems to require manual separation of drawings into two layers for method.

Would anyone happen to know of a method that would allow for quick coloring of grease pencil animations?

i suggest you put this project on a halt. ive heard multible rumours that they will drastically improve the grease pencil feature in the next few patches.

I’ve heard that they are going to add more fill types for grease pencil, but I haven’t heard about any additions that will make filling easier.

I think the problem lies in objects with overlapping colors. For example, a mouth would have one color for the teeth, one color for the tongue, and one color for the back of the mouth. With a bucket fill tool, it would be very simple to fill this type of shape. In Blender, however, I would have to make a new color for each stroke, each stroke would have to have a different fill, and each shape would have to be closed. Having to do this really slows down my animation process.

I’m looking for a simpler way to fill objects than this. I’d like to use the grease pencil because it offers the features that Adobe Flash has for free (e.g. onion skinning, tweening, pen pressure, audio support, etc.). The only problem I have with it is the way objects are filled in.