What are the best and fastest render plugins for Blender? (hybrid support:CPU+GPU)?

Hello Blender-artists,

I’am going to start a new project this year, and iam looking at new hardware and what is the best choice for a gpu ? AMD radeon rx 6900 xt, or a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 ??
I’ve planned to order a highend Windows 10 Hybrid pc (games + “workstation”) end of this year or next year, when worldwide economy has recovered from the Corona crisis and hoping there would be more avaible new hardware with lower prices !
I already have chosen the type of CPU: Amd Ryzen 9 5950x, but i did not chosen for the GPU type yet!

So iam looking for a high quality renderer for Blender , when you can say: i cant (hardly) see the difference between a render result and a high resolution picture of the real objects ! (render budget about €1000,-)

I found this list of renderes, but only a few renderers are availble for Blender and in this case i would think that Vray is the beste choice, because of the hybrid support (CPU+GPU) ???
But then i should choose Nvidia ?!
Here is the list, but i am looking for a list with Blender render plugins and the hardware acceleration support:

Right now iam working on this game laptop:

Thanks for your tips and advices!

greetings from the Netherlands

Nvidia is the way to go with Blender for now since Cycles supports Optix and CUDA well in the latest versions.

AMD’s Prorender is available as a 3rd party renderer, and that is probably a most mature renderer for the AMD based GPU cards. Prorender also works with the Nvidia stuff.

Thanks for your reply !

Yes, i was thinking too, that the best choice i a nvidia RTX 3090, but it is more expensive then the AMD 6900 xt
And this is one of the best rtx 3090, with gpu clock on 1,92 GHz !

This EVGA rtx 3090, has a price of € 2579,00 in one Dutch webshop ! :blush: