What are the best books to learn anatomy for sculpting?


I am really keen on designing and sculpting characters and creatures. I feel I should have a good understanding of human and creature anatomy in order to create a believable character.
Does anyone know of good books or training material that have helped you to achieve this?
or how you went about getting to the point where you can design and sculpt awesome creatures and characters.

I did find this book ‘anatomy for sculptors, understanding the human figure’ does anyone have experience with it?


I have a couple of Burne Hogarth’s hard cover books on anatomy for artists. They are very detailed and offer a lot of information. I highly recommend those if you can find them.

Thanks I will check it out

I’ve got no experience with the book you mentioned. Hogarth is good, but tends more toward superhero anatomy. My go-to references are Peck’s Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist and Strength Training Anatomy by Delavier which is actually weight training instruction, but the illustrations are excellent.

@Orinoco Thanks pecks atlas looks good and at a good price to

Peck’s is a classic. I also own Classic Human Anatomy. Neither book is specifically for sculpting, but good anatomical information for artists.

@pscott752 Thanks, yeah did the look inside and it looks very detailed

@kaufenpreis Thanks! It looks like it will be really useful

I have Frank Netter’s atlas of human anatomy and although it’s not for artists I still find it very helpful

The best thing to have is an anatomically correct model. As it is rather hard to come by a human corpse for home usage, I recommend the anatomytools.com figures :slight_smile:


You can definitely read books but learning a art from a teacher is more recommended, so I suggest you should go and find a art class where they teach.