What book should i buy... if any

hey well as you all know the new version of the game engine came out so i was wondering what would be the best book to buy im not very experienced so i want a kinda begginers book but i dont want one that i read it then i will still wont know how to make games ect but my one worry was with the new game engine will the books be ok?


as the current GE claims to be 225 compatible, you could go for the blender game kit. or you spend some time harvesting for good tutorials (there are lots of them) on the web.


learning python
simple to follow even if your not a programmer

python reference
I cannot explain how usefull this book has been :slight_smile:

Hey snailrose, how much did those two books contribute to your learning of python that was applicable to the game engine? Granted that python was not developed solely for the purpose of Blender, there’s got to be stuff in there that are unneccesary or not used for the game engine. Can you just breifly tell me the the rough percentage of how usefull those two books are in terms of learning code that will be used in the game engine.

I’ve seen your tutorial and it’s great. Hmm, did you look through other online tutorials or did your knowledge of python come from practice and mainly those 2 books?

Ummm anyone know the difference between editions 1 and 2 of learning python?

Oh, I’ve also noticed another book on Amazon. Game Programming With Python (Game Development Series) http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1584502584/qid=1083641806/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/103-9557175-7915048?v=glance&s=books
Any good?

Jason Lin

95% roughly

The learning python book I used mostly in learning the language its self
It teaches a lot of stuff that is useful in the game engine, but some sections really do not apply to game stuff
Overall “I” found it useful
The “python in a nutshell” is one of the best computer books that I have invested in lately.
It has answered most of the questions that arise when i’m working on a project…
and given me a few ideas too…
it is just a thorough documentation on the modules that are available

I’ve tried the game programming in python as well…

…its not the best in my opinion
some of the code is useful but most of it gave me a headache trying to use it in blender
its mostly geared towards “pyGame, pyUi…” although it does have a multi player section
and with the new blender 2.33 & python 2.X available…some of that code might be useful
…it might be worth a try…

thats basically how I learned python
I highly recommend them :slight_smile:


i think you can find all the things you want to learn morw about on the net, i have found all my info on the net, well i buyed blender game kit a long time ago, but after a while i found just as much info on the net… well, it can be hard to find, but it is there, if you dont have enuf time to search the net, buy a book…

Hey Norj, I did search on the net for python books and tutorials. I’ve found a couple of free books out there, like Dive Into Python, Thinking in Python, etc. However, it’s just due to the fact that most of it is general theory and specifics in areas which may not be of use to coding in the game engine. Although there are many good tutorials and free books out there, they might not be the right one to learn coding purely for Blender.

Hmm, if you learned through surfing the net for information, mind sharing any sites that were helpful? :stuck_out_tongue: The game kit hardly teaches you python, it just teaches you how to use it properly.

Jason Lin

well, i am realy quick learner , so i read and then i understand after a while reading…
i learn much from www.python.org
here are blender GameLogic python
thats the only one i could find, i have a new pc and all my old links are gone :frowning:
i mostly find one pees here and one pees there tho…
but thos are usefull…
il give you some more when i find them.

ok thanks guys im thinking about getting “learning python” but will that have stuff about the blender game engine in?

Hmm, I’m guessing that it doesn’t because it’s more of a book to learn python. It’ll probably teach you all the necessary stuff so that you can use the code to interact with Blender’s objects. Blender has a library of objects and commands to get the position of the object for instance. Those things can be used with the python you learn from the book.

Oh, before you buy the book, check out this site. I just found a really good tutorial. Well only read the first worksheet, but seems pretty well written.

Check out the The LiveWires Python Course.

Jason Lin

:o Awesome cool, thanks dude. I tried a free digital Python code book for really noobs, and it learned me a lot, but this site defently rocks too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, very much cool stuff :slight_smile:

Hey Nor.J cool to see you posting very quick afther me. Well I searched the website further, but this page really rocks, it ables you to script graphical interfaces with buttons and windows, a real program. :stuck_out_tongue:

link: http://starship.python.net/crew/hinsen/part6.html

<edit> OOh man this is more awesomer then the above link, the tinker of something, it ables you to makes real interfaces :o Ooh this would be usefull to make some nice interface for games, programs ar cool things to experiment with it. link: http://www.pythonware.com/library/tkinter/introduction/index.htm A complete sort of online books to learn it :smiley: </edit> <-- edit tags are fake XD >

:smiley: Guess you guys looked through the site more indepth then I did. I’ll have to check out more of the cool things it has to offer.

Hey JD-Multi, you think the tinker will be able to be used with Blender? There’s some librariers written by other people around the net just like this one. I’m just wondering if it might be possible to use their libraries in Blender.

Lol, :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah more cool links.

Jason Lin

i have testered tinker for python2.0 in blender, and it dident work, i olso tested PYOpenGL, it dident work either, not in realtime, but in nonrealtime,(hit alt+p)

Yep if you want something simular like the current plugins with buttons you need to use the liberary that comes with blender I think. Tinker or however it’s called, uses a interface setup that’s for making your own programs outside blender, to code a program like gimp or blender. But it sounds easy but I can say it isn’t. I’m going to make a program to edit html pages (the code) using colored text for tags. I hope I can do that to gain some code skills. :smiley:

whats python? is that the blender game engine or something, could someone explain it a little more for me.

go to www.python.org or use google to search something that u do not know.


Maybe im just dumb, but I did not understand a word they said under the “what is python” link…can someone translate it please

Its a powerfull scripting/programing language
Its use in the blender game engine is more to the scripting side, to get stuff done that the logic bricks cannot
(at the moment) do :)_