What can be refined here?

Work in progress. What can be refined?
I don’t like the lips here, but I can’t understand, what exactly is wrong.


Is this orthographic or perspective view? If you haven’t yet, you should view this in perspective view at 110mm, as this is a standard portrait lens. It’s impossible to critique without knowing if it’s perspective- if it is, I’d say the eyes are too close together, but that could be orthographic distortion.

Also, there’s not a divot from the ear to the eye like you have here, it’s perfectly flat


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Ortho. Here is perspective, 110mm:

Excellent. Then the eyes are definitely too close together, and the skull is too wide for the rest of the face. Your skull mushrooms out a bit- real skulls are flat on the sides from the cheekbones up to a few inches above the eyes. Although in this case, I’d leave the skull alone and just make the rest of the face wider to match. This will also fix your eye spacing

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