What can cause a Error totblock 74 (Standaloneplayer)

Hello again, have a nice day :slight_smile:

With the BGE integrated Player (Press P) everything in the console is fine, but i got an Error when using the Standalone Player.
What happens:
Nothing worse happen ingame, no crashes. (that is what makes me curious)
But the Console shows the totblock 74 Error

  1. What can cause totblock errors?
  2. What is happening? (behind the scene, or what does it mean what is shown in the console)
  3. Do i need to take care for that, or may i ignore it?
  4. How to solve it?

I use Blender 2.66 and here is the file i have Problems with:


JMH_AddobjectwithOwnerProperty_and_AddScore_Testgame.blend (897 KB)

Thats a memory leak, and probably nothing for you to worry about. It’s more a message to devs. The Blenderplayer has known memory leaks. KX_MeshProxy and the vehicle wrapper also leak.

Hi, thank you for your answer Moguri!
If i hear ‘memory leak’ i feal not comfortable.
A memory leak (english Wikipedia-Definition) is a something which incorrectly manages memory.
In the German Wikipedia definition it sounded even scarier: …blocks memory, but can’t use that or free it when not needed anymore.

The Question is:
Will the leak increase with the increasing Game-World of Objects or is it a Blender issue which does not increase.?

i have an similer problem.

i made the resolution for stand alone 1366 to 768 fullscreen
it have worked and then after in game the level vanished looking forward to your reply…

7 years and this problem only has gotten worse. hilarious.

Hehe. One might as well shut down everything every couple hours and let the system sort out the mess; a crash is really just the automated version of it. Hey, at least it’s better than garbage collection, that sexy digital cocaine.