what can i do to better this?

Hey my name is pedro, i live in brazil and i have just started learning 3d grphics this year… well this is the first peace of work tha i have done… (i learned absolutely everything off of tutorials, and i would like to take this tme to thank everyone who has ever poste a tutorial, because god knows its hard when you come to a part you dont know, and you got a block and you just cant get trought it. It is really scary when you start learning 3… ad then it gets worse , theres so much things like IPO and sequence manager and OGM NODES!!.. but i was able even tough this little video dosent show it. i was able to leanr everything i know beacause o people who are willing o help others. from you tube to vimeo to wiki and everything in between THANK YOU SO MUCH.

…Well please tell me what can i do to better this


I don’t really like the flashes in the beginning. However the flying-through-space effect is cool, Maybe skip the flashes and fly through space instead?

I really like the moving lamps as well. However, the material could use some improvements. It is supposed to be metal? Then it needs an environment, to have something to reflect, otherwise it doesn’t look convincing. You could try fake this with spec color ramps, or use environment maps

when you say flying troguh space do you mean i put statrs or something like that…
hmm enviroment huh? maybe a space scnene or …
ill put the black background as alpha and do a fly torugh on the begging of the movie that i will put this intro.
thank for your comment.

With the flying through space effect i meant when the text is exploding. Made me think of that old windows screensaver, whatever it was called. Looked somewhat like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6heJBmgektA

I agree. Maybe the pieces can be bigger, and explode nearly at once, so we can see a very good use of motion blur.

maybe if we did move around the text slightly. and by an eviroment, you dont actually need to have a picture in the bacjground, if you make a texture mapped to the reflect coorodinates it will work just fine