What can I do to get the volume right?

I’ve been learning topology, and that’s going well and all I suppose;
but, problem is I don’t have a clue at how I should handle the volume.
To be clearer, make the 2 dimensional flat into a 3 dimensional one.


Into something like this.

its not easy to make a face if you do it like that, also that mesh wont work. as you start to add the jaw, you will find that you wont have enough geometry to work with.

check this video.
yes its maya… but its the same. just pay attention to the workflow.

Try to follow tutorial we all started like that here some tutorials in blender on youtube.

Ok, I’ll try my best and return with my results within a week or two :33

I’ll try, thank you guys very much for the quick accessible links.

To get the volume right, you must start with the volume. This is a 3D medium, not a 2D one, so you have to get used to, from the very beginning, modeling in three dimensions.

There are three basic loops that should be in place before you move on to refining the rest of the topology

In red, the face loop. Runs across the chin, along the jaw line, up in front of the ear then across the forehead. This loop defines whether your character will look masculine or feminine, what their overall head shape will be (broad, round or long) and even the race of your character. It’s extremely important that you get this loop exactly the way you want it, because it is the foundation of the face.

In green, the muzzle loop. This loop encloses the mouth and the nose. The sides of this loop define the smile lines next to the mouth. The barrel of the teeth have to fit behind this loop, and it basically gives a base for the mouth and the nose, very important parts of the face.

Then, in blue, the eye mask loop. This loop encloses the eye sockets and the bridge of the nose. It follows the brow and the cheekbone, which are both important bony landmarks for drawing or recognizing individual faces.

Now, the bad news is, people’s faces don’t come marked with these loops. You have to get a feeling, through studying reference photos and doing actual modeling, for how to get these loops into place. The good news is, you don’t need very many verts for these loops (use subsurf level one) so the vert pushing is fairly quick. The rest of the good news is that you can look at the face you are trying to model from any angle, and look at your loops from the same angle, and make corrections.

Modeling tuts are a good start, Study sculpting tuts like thisand this, And anatomytuts like these (caution this are kinda morbid) Regardless of the workflow you use to model your face, Via it box model, edgeflow, or sculpting. You need to know what a face looks like. Do some studies on body types, And once you start to learn topology go and look at people and picture modeling topology on their faces. And don’t be afraid to try things not in the tuts. Go to blendswap and download models to look at. See what they have in common, see how they are different. And above all. Practice. Take a day to do ears, Take a day to do hands. You have a thousand bad models in you before you begin to find the good ones. Go and knock them out.

My results on first try :V

Not too good, but it was helpful :33
It also reminded me of a banana… :V

Another, slightly better.


I kinda rushed it after I got done the nose/mouth :V
I’ll repeat for a rounder head, with a more realistic shape.