What causes hair particle systems to emit outside of vertex group?

I was seeing hair particle systems emit from vertex groups. But, every time now, when I select a vertex group in “Density”, the hairs emit from outside the vertex group. So, I’ve been separating the faces into another object to get the hairs to emit from those vertices.

For a cube, the hairs emit from all faces that are on the same axis. For example, if I select 4 faces in the middle of a cube and create a vertex group, where there is 32 vertices per edge, hairs emit from the entire side of the cube, but not the other sides of the cube. If my mesh is more complex, the hairs emit from the entire mesh.

So, what is causing this? I am using 2.91.2 or 2.92 beta.

Check the weight Painting…it will add a range from 1>Red to Blue >0 outside of any vertex group…

Leave the particle system intact for now…but in the modifier turn off visibility…( Monitor Icon)
Do this…select the groups you want hair to grow from…Separate by selection…
add them to the Vertex group…hide them in object mode leaving the parts that don’t get hair visible…enter weight paint…you should see the overlap from the hair weight paint on these parts…you want to paint them all Blue…
Go back to Object mode and turn on the modifier visibility…it should now only grow hair in the parts you want!

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Thanks. This works in some tests with a cube. I’ll have to see what happens later.

It’s annoying that I have to separate the selection. But, so far it seems like this let’s me join the objects again without the overrun happening again.