What causes this? (image)

I do have another topic that asks about this but its sort of off topic in that topic so here’s a new one.

What in the world causes this weird black border around 2.46 and later releases?


Alpha not working.

And that means what? Or how do I fix it?

The default icon for an executable in Windows is associated (as a “resource”) with the executable. I presume that the resource in one executable is different in some way from the corresponding resource in the other one.

If you have access to a resource editor you can confirm this.

It is, as far as I know, a benign problem.

I wouldnt worry about it, nothing is wrong with the file. Just use it as a means of telling which version they are.

Well, I figured that it was a minor issue but I was wondering if it was somehow related to my other problem that occurs in 2.46+ versions which is the failure to load videos in any form.

And no other computer I’ve used shows the blender install like that nor has a problem loading videos in blender.

I know the easy way out is to work with videos in 2.45 and use 2.48 only if I need it but I’ve enjoyed staying “current” and I didn’t want that to change, that’s why I’ve been trying to figure this out.