What color is YOUR monkey?

I, like the rest of the blender community, have not been able to resist the lure of the new YafRay interface. As of such, I created this little piece, and I might add that I had quite a bit of fun with it. The actual render is 640 x 480, and took about two minutes. I resized and organized and such in Photoshop.


This image can be used by anyone interested, for any purpose.

Hmm… Cool looking monkeys. I have not had a chance to play with yaFray yet but maybe the day will come…

hey can i have a bigger res for my background?

hey,looks pretty cool, i dot know how u do that so ill keep my distance :(.

reninds me of the george foreman grills “all of tha colors!”

kinda boring, but well done.

Once again anogarlr, stellar render. After my WC 112 attempt at caustics I appreciate this piece alot more than I would otherwise. awsome possom… err monkey, and nice work.

nice, cool looking.

slick… neat… but not much more than that. don’t be offended but it’s mere feture test. one last thing… you probably used photon lamp to make the caustics… it’ll look much better if you’ll add somthing that reflects on the monkeys face so it’ll look like there is a cause for the caustics behind the monkeys. hope you got me on the last thing… not very consentrated right about now :smiley:

I really like the look of the image, the sharpness of the reflects is very cool. Although it’s very simple, I find the result very interesting :slight_smile: Nice one.

i love it angolair! i was going to do the exact same thing only it would be an animated one with some sticking out there tongues, rolling eyes, bugging eyes, blinking eyes, and dropping jaws! very nice caustics too! i appreciate caustics especially when they look like yours do! like aner said though -

Thanks folks.

toonist: You should play with the new YafRay interface. It also seems that the rendertimes have been greatly optimized (at least for me) in the relationship between 2.34 and 0.7 - be happy. Actually, YafRay does heavy raytraced reflections and such faster than the internal raytracyer on my computer.

fudge: I’m making large versions right now. Any special size requests?

Grimreaper: This was actually a really easy scene to set up. I simply took Suzanne, applied a level 3 subsurf to her, smoothed her, and then went to work on the material settings. She has 0 alpha, raytransp, 1.5 IOR, and some tweaking of the color settings. Then I set her on a plane, added an area light and a photon spot (a lamp type that is only accessable once you’ve selected YafRay as your renderer) with plenty of photons (take your pick based off of your processor speed) then I went into the YafRay tab, turned of XML, then to the YafRay GI tab, selected “Full” as method and whatever for quality, I’m sure it does, but I don’t see much difference between them. Then I hit both the photon and cache buttons, and moved the photon count higher.

Then I recolored and moved her into the Brady Bunch pattern that you’re seeing in my favorite image editing software.

SkeLeToR: Not especially exciting, no, not really any definitive subject, so it fails to be to catching, but hey, I wasn’t trying to pull 'yer heartstrings, I was trying to show Blender’s new caustic abilities. Thanks for the comment, though.

SpindleRift: Yeah, it took me a bit of time to figure out how to get the settings right. Mostly I figured out that I needed a higher photon count. Thank you.

SamAdam: Thanks!

@ner: Yup. Feature test. It certainly could be improved, if I feel so inclined I’ll try out your advice, it sounds good. Thanks.

Cortex: Thanks! The caustics (shhh. Don’t tell.) look so sharp because I seriously downsized the image. It used to be a 640 x 512. He he. Thanks, though.

Prince: Don’t let my doing it stop you! Make one! Thanks for the comments.

1024 X 768

no that is a dumb size - go for 1024x1280 if you are going for the 1000+ sizes! then again you don’t have to render it just relocate the suzanne images so do as you like…

sorry ignore this post! %|

Alright. Kirpe and Fudge.

Here are two versions, a 1024 and a 1280. They’re a bit large, as I assumed you wouldn’t particularly want artifacts on your background.



Here you are. Thanks folks.

It is now on my desktop, thanks a lot.

I’m flattered. Thank you.

WOW…So…Shiny…Caustics… :o


That would fit as a tshirt image.

And my color would be dark green if you had it, but you don’t, so no my color there. :stuck_out_tongue:


the turquoise one is my favorite although the blue is my favorite color! :slight_smile: