What Cycles Nodes would you like?

Just so that these node wish sharing threads wouldn’t scatter around.
I figured I’d make a thread for all your node wishes. :slight_smile:

My Wishes:

SSS shader. Does SSS obviously.

Wireframe. When imputed into the mix shader, Shader 1 only appears on edges (Drawing the wireframe of the model), and Shader 2 on faces. You should be able to specific the thickness of wireframe on the node.

Ramp by light color node. It would draw one edge of the color ramp by where a virtual lamp is (An object, or maybe even a group of objects), and another edge on the opposite side. Should be very helpful when making toon shaders or something like that when imputed into a shadeless shader.

Shadeless shader. Just like emit, just that you don’t have to fiddle around with lightpaths.

Apart from the SSS, those things can all already be done with Blender Internal and composited together with Cycles renders, if necessary.
As far as the “Ramp by light color node” goes, I don’t understand exactly what you mean. The Ramp mapping as seen in BI nodes will will be in Cycles soon, I believe.

AO node. For dirtying up objects quickly without unwrapping and baking.

Smooth anisotropic shader for brushed metals

Ramp node so you can use it with gradients and have more then two colors :wink:

+1 for a shadeless shader and a ramp node. Perhaps an option to remap computed colors from a shaders would help??
Something like that in combination with a ramp shader could help with toon rendering?? Although freestyle is there but still waiting for it to be in trunk. I wonder whats the status of its development.

Anyway, a ramp node would be useful for a lot of scenerios, like mapping it to a sphere and using it to do studio lighting etc.

Irawan & Marschner woven cloth BRDF


I tryed to copy it myself, but realise too much jobs to split, must finish current task first. As i understand it more copy paste task, except tangent vector maths. Screenshots so nice, plz somebody take it or hire
Wenzel Jakob.

Toon shader.

That cloth BRDF is madness !

SSS shader I hope will be released soon with the next build of blender… The ‘volume’ patch seems to solve my SSS needs for now.

Some more procedural texture nodes would be great. I might try one if it’s not too difficult. :smiley:
Any ideas? Luxrenders Brick textures look good for example.

Irawan & Marschner woven cloth BRDF

That thing really only looks good from a distance, and it has an odd DSL to specify the weaving.
Other (more general) solutions: The dupliface could be extended to derive a transform matrix that scales the instanced mesh so it maps seamlessly to adjacent instances, provided the face is planar.
Alternatively one could imagine using volume textures for this kind of purpose, and blender could be extended to bake those.

I would love a preview node that can either preview the material or just the texture because a lot of times I am working with textures and have to change their color, but I can’t tell what it changed to because the nodes are all mixed up.

would it be faster to create a new node that combines reflections,sss ,displacement,… or to make a group node ? this is more a question for the future.
lets say for example a skin node.

Having a node for a specific task like skin is not a good idea imho.

Proper light emitters and hdri images for background.

an example. you have one big space ship. and the camera will come very close. so for this you need texture details. one texture will not be enough. so you create many material groups. lets say 8. you uv the spaceship. you move the uv tiles from 0-7.sothey are not overlaped. ok so now we have 8 textures. but you also need to add color,bump,displacement,specular,glossy,roughnes,…
so this could mean that you need 48 textures. adding and connecting so many textures would take a lot time. copying node groups from one material to another would also take time.

but if we had a node that you move the texture in uv space it would be faster. imagine that you can tell with a node that all 8 textures will be in uv space 2. the other textures at 4. and so on.

so i think a special uv node would be great for cycles. or maybe updat the texture node.

I believe blender could come with a bunch of premade group nodes, like such things that are often used… Like bloom, Edge darkening (how was that called again?), Skin shaders, etc…
And somekind of an easy way to share group nodes could also exist… Like a seperate folder for groupnodes that always load it when you start blender…

Do we have a slope node yet? The ability to change color/factor based upon the angle of geometry?

A viewer node would be great!!!
I am so disappointed that there is no viewer node for Cycles. I have to actually render the entire scene to check if a small tweak worked. I can’t visually adjust the scale of noise without rendering the scene.

DingTo, you could link the Bercon Maps with Blender. They are open source and amazing. Go on. Do it. Do it!

Oh yeah, what would also be cool are distance between nodes etc, in general the ability to grab data off of other meshes (eg position) and drive the shader with it.