What did you get for Christmas?

I GOT 200 BUCKS…a belt…1 gig flash and candy.oh and a card

I got a 360 2 controllers burnout revenge and GEARS OF WAR!

I got $150 cash and a warhead (it’s a little sour candy)

Almost the same thing:
Shower gel and deodorant.

I got 3 throwing knives, a throwing star, a pistol/sword thing, a longbow, a new craft knife, leatherbound LotR, Hobbit and Silmarillion books, the complete works of edgar allen poe, 2 sherlock holmes books, and a cookie.

A very manly christmas.

WOW…are u like a ninja who reads sherlock holmes…NINJA DETECTIVE??

Lol!! (sorry, I posted here a few minutes ago… but that ^^ was funny. It was also exactly what I was thinking.:eek: )

LOL…yea i noe weird combination…^^

I’m the worlds only private eye ninja whos a blenderhead. I think I should get a prize or something.

maybe another cookie?

I got an awesome brand new compaq laptop computer with an AMD Turion64 processor!
And a combination printer, copier, and scanner.

I got a bowl of soup, and no pickups after me. No laundry service and an angry female.(with a ribbon in her hair)

Lol Orion119net. :eek:

I got d’Artiste: Concept art, $225 in gift cards, and some candy/chocolate. So I still have to decide what I’m going to actually get for Christmas. :cool:

oh, almost forgot to mention that I got a shovel from Lua!

LOL @ jeepster…do u like dig graves???

well, I’m not allowed to because the city officials say I dig too deep and I have a tendency to put anyone who walks by into it…:rolleyes: …that’s depressing…:frowning:

I got a 1 GB Flash Disk, 3D World Mag, iCreate Mag, loads of books and book voutures, this cool, big Animation book, and a few other things that aren’t coming to my mind at the moment.

Yay, I love Christmas.

well i got

  • A new Motherboard ( I can now play games without corruption!!1 )
  • Splinter Cell : Double Agent (PS2)
  • Battlefield 2 : Modern Combat (PS2)
  • (Both Games are excellent, BF2 is amazing on-line … i suck at it :stuck_out_tongue: )
    im really happy this Christmas, not only did i install my Mobo without any problems, it means i can play all the games that did not work :smiley: )

Merry Christmas!!

cuby looks very festive now.

i also got some gnarly lounge pants and a wallace and gromit calender. hehe every year my mom feels a need to replace my lounge pants…and my calender. though i never use it…i just look at all the obscure jewish and australian holidays ;).

I got surroundsound speakers and some knifes and forks… I still live at home, so maybe they are trying to tell me something :stuck_out_tongue:

merry christmas to y’all