What do I do if I don't have a number pad?

How do I perform the functions of the number pad using a laptop?

I use a laptop with external keyboard and neither of them have real numpads. You can use the menu for most numpad commands, like switching views and camera.

The only thing I can’t do with another menu is +/- to increase/decrease the button window menu size. My keyboard actually has a “Fn” key so that some of the letter keys act like a numpad. Changing the button menu size is the only thing I have to use it for. It’s too clumsy to use for other commands, so I use the menus instead.

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Hot Keys

open up blender and move your mouse cursor over the work file (top menu)
Then pull the cursor slowly downward until it changes into an double arrow cursor.
Now click the LMB and pull the menu down (about 2 inches or so)
This will reveal the blender setup where you make adjustments
Look for a button that says “System & OpenGL” and click to select it
Now click on “Emulate Numpad”
While you’re in the preference window, go to "View & Controls (left most button) and select “View Name” which is a green button to the left as well as Smooth View if you like your view ports rotation to be animated as you switch from one to another.
There are other settings too but this should get you started for now.

Move your mouse over the window border and drag it all the way up again.
Last step: Press “ctrl + u” to save the selections you just made as your new preference so that when you start blender again, it will remember everything.
If you feel that something isn’t right, you can always start over and reload the factory setup from the “file menu”

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

P.S. An external mouse will make your blender life MUCH easier. I could not work on a laptop without having at least a mouse connected to it. Better yet is a keyboard and mouse combo via USB.

Get one of those if you want a numpad and stay mobile:

Actually i know some guys carrying a keyboard with them as well ^^

Thank you so much OneManBlend! I had given up blending after I changed my computer and peripherals, and Blender numpad wouldn’t work with my UK keyboard! You’ve saved me from a terrible fate!