What do you guys plan to do with your 3D graphic designing?

Just curious. Do you guys plan to do anything with your 3D graphic designing talents? I set up a poll for it. =D

It’d be nice to be able to make money from it. Only, it’d just be a tool used in developing whatever it is I’m making, rather than being a dedicated 3D artist.

But for now, it’s purely hobby as I’m still learning.

For now it’s a hobby. I like learning new stuff. It’s a big challenge and something completly different from what I’m used to do. Some guys I know develop websites and it would be great to see something I created on the net.

I’m going to change the world.

Cure cancer.

Actually, I was pretty serious, but cureing cancer was funny. :slight_smile:

For the most part I use blender for my own enjoyment.

I give alot of my designs aways as gifts, I print them out and use them in a variety of craft projects that make unique custom gifts for family and friends.

My animations and games generally suffer the same fate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally for me, going commercial would take alot of the fun out it.

Well, for me I’d like to run a big website with games and animations…all made by me! That would be cool…I’d mainly just like to make the games and stuff for my own pleasure!

3D backgrounds for my video productions class, and otherwise just as a hobby.

No serious ambitions except to one day produce a short, funny animation that ends up travelling the world via email and having it turn up in my own inbox one day :slight_smile: