What do you think of Dark Basic?

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What do you think of Dark Basic?



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Sounds like a Disney cartoon warped into something they would put on TechTV.

Never used it but unless you know 3D and 3D programming don’t go for it(unless you wanna learn).

It uses DirectX so personally I wouldn’t use.

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Did not like DB much but DB Pro is soon to be released and it’s looking pretty good, but make no decisions until the full release! Also look at Blitz Basic 3D, pretty fast, regular updates. I have BB3D, DB and may buy DB Pro but I’m not endorsing any of them. It all depends on what you want to do so check the spec’s and any public newsgroups before making a decision.

Another option is XBasic, lots of features, very fast and it’s FREE. Also open source. No native 3D graphics though a user has provided an OpenGL wrapper library. I have used this library and converted 1…11 of NeHe’s tutorials. I was very impressed with the results. XBasic is one of those languages/ packages where a lot of effort is required initially but it starts paying off in heaps sooner than you think.

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They sound like NaN’s worst fears back when they were focusing on Publisher. Making games? If I wanted that, I’d use GameBlender.

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I am a BETA tester for DBPro and i can tell you that it is better than anthing that blander could produce - game wise.

Ok, you have a full scripting language BUT it is not made for games. by game creators. DBPro has full BSP support with its own .X to BSP converter. So levels made in blender or any other prog can easily be ‘ported’. The engine that backs the language is very powerfull and uses all that DriectX 8 has to offer, from vertex shading to multi camera views. Also it is working to a standard that you would expect from a C++ game.

Sorry, i like blender as a modeler but from a prgrammers point of view it don’t really do the all in one games creation suit…

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Thanks for the replies.

I looked at Xbasic a year or so ago, and found that while I got going quickly it soon got complicated, so I thought I might as well learn C++, also the windows it created looked even worse than microsoft.

I am not looking to replace Blender, as I really don’t think anyone is digging a hole and thorwing it in it yet:-) I feel that the Blender game engine makes you do bottom up design, which ends up a bit messy, so even if collisions etc worked better, it is not for me.

Think I’ll check out Bloodshed & Wings, although I have just moved house so I will be having to check out the decorating :frowning:

One last question, is Dark BASIC for those who can’t program in C, or is it more than that?


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I do not programme in C BUT i do know many DB users that do.

I suppose that it is nice to be able to come home at the end of the day and programme in a language that allows you to create games and apps pretty fast, with simple code but also to be able to create complex physics engins and some spectacular effects.

DB is not for the professional games creator, some of the games have been published but many. Dark Basic Professional will aim to change that with improved file sizes, increased speed and loads more features that will make a real contender against games made in C.

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c++ or Java…

Since I do not need speed but security and platform independence, JAVA.

But I started with basic on a C64. Upgraded to Assembler.

I just don´t trust an Acronym for

Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

not a serious fact-based opinion, I know

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That would be BAPSIC! There’s no “purpose” in there. Most scripting languages around today have their origins in BASIC. Then there is Pascal which was ONLY created to teach data structures but led to Modula 2/3, Delphi and no doubt others. C was never intended to turn into C++ (some wish it never) and is in fact a very small and compact language (somebody PLEASE tell MS!). Java is C++ cleaned up with platform independence, well, sort of. In the end it does not matter what a languages pedigree is only if you can use it to do what you want to do.

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ok I should have used a small p. yesyesyes

But that´s it, as far as I have been told.

And I liked programming in it

13 years ago

Sorry, but it DOES matter which language you use. Because time is money. That´s why I like blender. Much to learn, but fast workflow.