what do you think of PIXEL IMAGE EDITOR ?

I just download it , looks very similar to PS , if it can do the same as photoshop i’ll buy it ,
But i was tring to do a selection of a channel(red,green,blue) , in photoshop you control click, any of the chanels and you get a perfect selection of that channel , i cant do this in pixel does anyone knows if its posible.

and experiences with pixel ?

Try selecting one of the channels and then click the channel to selection button shown in your screen shot. :eyebrowlift:

what ? the screenshot up in there is PS , not pixel .

i dont know about Pixel but if u want a free program like photoshop try GIMPshop

i know , but gimp is a mess , the interface is a nightmare , and i get problems with my computer graphic card.

reminds me of my fat wife :frowning:

who reminds you of your fat wife ? lol gimp ?