What do you think of this?

I’ve been working on this one for a little while, looking for any critiques or suggestions from you guys, I’m not great with composition so I know that probably needs lots of work.

This scene was made using concept are from my friend, Bradley Sutton.

i think… wheels.

I also think that, since the advent of eevee, we are been living under a perpetual foggy ambience.

It’s supposed to be a hover-car, hence the no wheels thing, it’s got those crazy hover cone things on it.

Also about the fog its a deliberate choice, I wanted it to have a sort of smoggy dirty noir feel. I’m not that great at the whole atmospheric thing.

Then, I think that it looks just like a car without wheels, and I thought that it was unfinished, hence my comment about haze (I meant even during the modeling stage…).

Nevertheless I still think that such atmospheric effect is unbearably abused lately.

The car model is nice anyway, I like it, although it lacks something of technological to show that it’s a futuristic vehicle.

To me it was obvious that this is a hover car, but could make the comes more prominent, so people notice them better.

What’s a rubbish bin doing in the middle of the road? :wink:

Or maybe nust remove the round shape of the wheel hole, and give these cones a proper place, so we dont expect wheels there.

What about the top of the car (window and what links them), is it finished? it looks quickly done compared to the rest of the car, you didnt give it shape or detail compared to the rest

Thanks for the comments I’m definitely going to rework some of it. Especiqlly the roof, and the rest of the scene needs details, just wanted some constructive critisism and thats exactly what I got. Thanks!

yeah, I definitely think the cones should be more visible at a glance. kind of like this car from Back to the Future 2.